Italy - Tyrrhenian Sea

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The understorey of gorgonian forests in mesophotic temperate reefs | article
Ponti M, Turicchia E, Ferro F, Cerrano C, Abbiati M (2018)
Aquat Conserv: Mar Freshw Ecosyst 28:1153-1166

Coral forests diversity in the outer shelf of the south Sardinian continental margin | article
Cau A, Moccia D, Follesa MC, Alvito A, Canese S, Angiolillo M, Cuccu D, Bo M, Cannas R. (2017)
Deep Sea Res Part 1 Oceanogr Res Pap 122:60-70

Scuba diving damage on coralligenous builders: Bryozoan species as an indicator of stress | article
Casoli E, Nicoletti L, Mastrantonio G, Jona-Lasinio G, Belluscio A, Ardizzone GD (2017)
Ecol Indic 74:441-450

Assessment of the impact of salvaging the Costa Concordia wreck on the deep coralligenous habitats | article
Casoli E, Ventura D, Cutroneo L, Capello M, Jona-Lasinio G, Rinaldi R, Criscoli A, Belluscio A, Ardizzone G (2017)
Ecol Indic 80:124-134

Habitat preference of Viminella flagellum (Alcyonacea: Ellisellidae) in relation to bathymetric variables in southeastern Sardinian waters | article
Giusti M, Bo M, Angiolillo M, Cannas R, Cau A, Follesa M, Canese S (2017)
Cont Shelf Res 138:41-50

Seafloor characterization and benthic megafaunal distribution of an active submarine canyon and surrounding sectors: The case of Gioia Canyon (Sout... | article
Pierdomenico M, Martorelli E, Dominguez-Carrió C, Gili JM, Chiocci FL (2016)
Journal of Marine Systems 157:101-117

How algae influence sessile marine organisms: The tube worms case of study | article
Casoli E, Bonifazi A, Ardizzone G, Gravina MF (2016)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 178:12-20

A new ecological index for the status of mesophotic megabenthic assemblages in the Mediterranean based on ROV photography and video footage | article
Cánovas-Molina A, Montefalcone M, Bavestrello G, Cau A, Bianchi CN, Morri C, Canese S, Bo M (2016)
Cont Shelf Res 121:13-20

Black coral (Anthozoa, Antipatharia) forest near the western Pontine Islands (Tyrrhenian Sea) | article
Ingrassia M, Macelloni L, Bosman A, Chiocci F, Cerrano C, Martorelli E (2016)
Marine Biodiversity 46:285-290

The role of gorgonians on the diversity of vagile benthic fauna in Mediterranean rocky habitats | article
Ponti M, Grech D, Mori M, Perlini RA, Ventra V, Panzalis PA, Cerrano C (2016)
Mar Biol 163:120

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