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Bresmycins A and B, potent anti-breast cancer indolocarbazole alkaloids from the sponge-associated Streptomyces sp. NBU3142 | article
Ding L, Li W, Zhong X, Feng F, Xin Y, Yan X, Lazaro JE, Zhang B, Shi Y, Yang GJ, He S (2023)
J Mol Struct 1290:135809

Molecular networking-guided isolation of undescribed antifungal odoriferous sesquiterpenoids from a marine mesophotic zone sponge-associated Strept... | article
Wen H, Zhang D, Zhao H, Zhang Y, Yan X, Lin W, He S, Ding L (2023)

Guignardones Y-Z, antiviral meroterpenes from Penicillium sp. NBUF154 associated with a Crella sponge from the marine mesophotic zone | article
Zou J, Wu J, Ding L, Wang W, Liu Y, Feng Y, Lai Q, Lin W, Wang T, He S (2022)
Chemistry and Biodiversity 19: e2022004

Two new steroid sulfates from a cheilostome bryozoan, Calyptotheca sp. | article
Roy SR, Minei A, Ahmadi P, Hermawan I, Kurnianda V, Dick MH, Tanaka J (2022)
Natural Product Research 36:742–747

Isolation of an extract from the soft coral symbiotic microorganism Salinispora arenicola exerting cytoprotective and anti-aging effects | article
Louka XP, Sklirou AD, Le Goff G, Lopes P, Papanagnou ED, Manola MS, Benayahu Y, Ouazzani J, Trougakos IP (2022)
Curr Issues Mol Biol 44:14-30

Acremocholone, an Anti-Vibrio Steroid from the Marine Mesophotic Zone Ciocalypta Sponge-Associated Fungus Acremonium sp. NBUF150 | article
Feng YP, Wang HK, Wu JL, Shao P, Zhou WL, Lai QL, Lin HW, Naman CB, Wang TT, He S (2022)
Chemistry and Biodiversity 19: e202200028

Feature-based molecular networking-guided discovery of siderophores from a marine mesophotic zone Axinellida sponge-associated actinomycete Strepto... | article
Liu Y, Ding L, Deng Y, Wang X, Cui W, He S (2022)
Phytochemistry 196:113078

Cytotoxic polyketide metabolites from a marine mesophotic zone Chalinidae sponge-associated fungus Pleosporales sp. NBUF144 | article
Zhou J, Zhang H, Ye J, Wu X, Wang W, Lin H, Yan X, Lazaro JEH, Wang T, Naman CB, He S (2021)
Mar Drugs 19:186

Targeted isolation of a cytotoxic cyclic hexadepsipeptide from the mesophotic zone sponge-associated fungus Cymostachys sp. NBUF082 | article
Yuan Y, Li T, Wang T, Naman CB, Ye J, Wu X, Lazaro JE, Yan X, He S (2021)
Marine Drugs 19:565

Discovery of Cymopolyphenols A–F from a marine mesophotic zone Aaptos sponge-associated fungus Cymostachys sp. NBUF082 | article
Wang T, Zhou J, Zou J, Shi Y, Zhou W, Shao P, Yu T, Cui W, Li X, Wu X, Ye J (2021)
Front Microbiol 12:638610

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