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Sample dive View fromtopofshelf.jpg Laophontella armata
Barnacleonlamarcki.jpg Drone isla magueyes.jpg Safetystop shelf edge.jpg
Gress 6. black coral   antipathes caribbeana Gress 5. black coral   plumapathes pennacea Gress 4. purgatorio site at 55 m
Gress 3. palancar jardines site at 55 m Gress 2. erika gress fliming a transect with the stereo dov at 55 m Gress 1. erika gress   dominic andradi brown getting ready for the dive
Montastrea franksi and fishes Screenshot Pb020014
Diver and tiger shark Eh1102003 fgbt1012 Gm1031060 fgbt1012
06 pocillopora recruit at 25m 05 acroporidae recruit at 40m 04 bottom of tile 25m
03 snorkelling 02 block post deployment 25m 01 block pre deployment
Dsc00011 Exploracion mesofoticos Img 1698
Dsc00009 2 Img 1732 Photo 1
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