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Global phylogenomic assessment of Leptoseris and Agaricia reveals substantial undescribed diversity at mesophotic depths | article
Gijsbers JC, Englebert N, Prata KE, Pichon M, Dinesen Z, Dinesen Z, Brunner R, Eyal G, González-Zapata FL, Kahng SE, Latijnhouwers KR, Muir P (2023)
BMC Biology 21:147

A comparison of mesophotic and shallow sponge holobionts resilience to predicted future temperature elevation | article
Raijman-Nagar L, Goren L, Shefer S, Moskovich R, Li Z, Ilan M (2023)
Front Mar Sci 10:1161648

Physiological and morphological plasticity in Stylophora pistillata larvae from Eilat, Israel, to shallow and mesophotic light conditions | article
Bellworthy J, Pardo R, Scucchia F, Zaslansky P, Goodbody-Gringley G, Mass T (2023)
iScience 26:106969

Shallow and mesophotic colonies of the coral Stylophora pistillata share similar regulatory strategies of photosynthetic electron transport but dif... | article
Roberty S, Vega de Luna F, Pierangelini M, Bomhals J, Plumier JC, Levy O, Cardol P (2023)
Coral Reefs 42:645-659

Growth and survival dynamics of mesophotic coral juveniles in shallow reefs | article
Kramer N, Eyal G, Tamir R, Loya Y (2022)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 682:237-242

Isolation of an extract from the soft coral symbiotic microorganism Salinispora arenicola exerting cytoprotective and anti-aging effects | article
Louka XP, Sklirou AD, Le Goff G, Lopes P, Papanagnou ED, Manola MS, Benayahu Y, Ouazzani J, Trougakos IP (2022)
Curr Issues Mol Biol 44:14-30

Temporal gene expression patterns in the coral Euphyllia paradivisa reveal the complexity of biological clocks in the cnidarian-algal symbiosis | article
Rinsky M, Weizman E, Ben-Asher HW, Eyal G, Zhu B, Levy O (2022)
Science Advances 8:eabo6467

Soft coral reproductive phenology along a depth gradient: Can "going deeper" provide a viable refuge? | article
Liberman R, Shlesinger T, Loya Y, Benayahu Y (2022)
Ecology 103:e3760

Octocorals in the Gulf of Aqaba exhibit high photosymbiont fidelity | article
Liberman R, Benayahu Y, Huchon D. (2022)
Front Microbiol

Selective deep water coral bleaching occurs through depth isolation | article
Eyal G, Laverick JH, Ben-Zvi O, Brown KT, Kramer N, Tamir R, Lindemann Y, Levy O, Pandolfi JM. (2022)
Science of The Total Environment

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