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Mesophotic coral bleaching associated with changes in thermocline depth | article
Diaz C, Foster NL, Attrill MJ, Bolton A, Ganderton P, Howell KL, Robinson E, Hosegood P (2023)
Nature communications 14:6528

Dominance of photo over chromatic acclimation strategies by habitat-forming mesophotic red algae | article
Voerman SE, Marsh BC, Bahia RG, Pereira-Filho GH, Becker AC, Amado-Filho GM, Ruseckas A, Turnbull GA, Samuel ID, Burdett HL (2023)
Proc R Soc B 290:20231329

Plumbing the depths with environmental DNA (eDNA): Metabarcoding reveals biodiversity zonation at 45–60 m on mesophotic coral reefs | article
Hoban ML, Bunce M, Bowen BW (2023)
Mol Ecol 32:5590-5608

Mesophotic and bathyal Palaemonid shrimp diversity of the Red Sea, with the establishment of two new genera and two new species | article
Anker A, Vimercati S, Barreca F, Marchese F, Chimienti G, Terraneo TI, Rodrigue M, Eweida AA, Qurban M, Duarte CM, Pieribone V (2023)
Diversity 15:1028

Environmental DNA highlights fish biodiversity in mesophotic ecosystems | article
Muff M, Jaquier M, Marques V, Ballesta L, Deter J, Bockel T, Hocdé R, Juhel JB, Boulanger E, Guellati N, Fernández AP (2023)
Environ DNA 5:56-72

Characterization of macroalgal-associated microbial communities from shallow to mesophotic depths at Manawai, Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Mon... | article
Kuba GM, Spalding HL, Hill-Spanik KM, Williams TM, Paiano MO, Sherwood AR, Hauk BB, Kosaki RK, Fullerton H (2023)
PeerJ 11:e16114

Light and temperature drive the distribution of mesophotic benthic communities in the Central Indian Ocean | article
Diaz C, Howell KL, Robinson E, Hosegood P, Bolton A, Ganderton P, Arber P, Attrill MJ, Foster NL (2023)
Diversity and Distributions

Monitoring the diurnal and seasonal foraging of Hawaiian monk seals in mesophotic rubble habitat using seafloor event loggers called “electric rocks” | article
Parrish FA, Boland RC, Sawyer M, Greene BD, Buhleier B, Marshall GJ (2023)
Endanger Species Res 51:293-303

From the shallow to the mesophotic: a characterization of Symbiodiniaceae diversity in the Red Sea NEOM region | article
Terraneo TI, Ouhssain M, Castano CB, Aranda M, Hume BC, Marchese F, Vimercati S, Chimienti G, Eweida AA, Voolstra CR, Jones BH (2023)
Front Mar Sci 10:1077805

Two newly recorded echinoderms from the mesophotic zone in Korea | article
Ubagan MD, Lee J, Shin S, Lee T (2023)
Journal of Species Research 12:180-188

Bresmycins A and B, potent anti-breast cancer indolocarbazole alkaloids from the sponge-associated Streptomyces sp. NBU3142 | article
Ding L, Li W, Zhong X, Feng F, Xin Y, Yan X, Lazaro JE, Zhang B, Shi Y, Yang GJ, He S (2023)
J Mol Struct 1290:135809

Hyperdiversity of the genus Halgerda Bergh, 1880 (Nudibranchia: Discodorididae) with descriptions of fourteen new species | article
Donohoo S, Villalobos SG, Hallas JM, Gosliner TM (2023)
Mar Biodiv 53:1-60

#Mesophotic on Mastodon

Research team discovers more than 50 potentially new #DeepSea species in one of the most unexplored areas of the planet, underwater mountains of the Salas y Gómez Ridge

"they also found one of the deepest #mesophotic #corals in the world, extending the distribution of this Polynesian fauna by several hundred kilometers... & fields of #sponges and corals, habitats that are considered vulnerable and in need of protection"


Deep parts of Great Barrier Reef insulated from #GlobalWarming, for now

Climate change impacts on #mesophotic regions of the #GreatBarrierReef: Jennifer McWhorter et al.

"separation between warm buoyant surface water and cooler deeper water can insulate #reefs from surface #HeatWaves, but this protection will be lost if global #warming exceeds 3°C above pre-industrial levels."


Time to re-introduce myself, I am a #marine #biologist & scientific diver.

PRESENT: Enrolled as a #PhD student in the Marine Zoology Lab of Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM, Italy) under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Cerrano, aiming 2 investigate benthic communities with a focus on #mesophotic & #monitoring

FUTURE: wannabe mesophotic reef research & tec diver

Check out my website to discover more:


New #preprint out!

We understand rather well how and what material is exported from a #euphotic carbonate platform. But what about a #mesophotic one? Looking into that at the Sayh de Malha Bank in the western Indian Ocean.

w/ expedition #SO270 collaborators.


#ClimateCrisis: Scientists discover deepest known evidence of #coral reef bleaching

#Mesophotic #CoralBleaching associated with changes in #thermocline depth: Clara Diaz et al.

"This is a huge surprise. Deeper #corals had always been thought of as being resilient to #ocean #warming, because the waters they inhabit are cooler than at the surface and were believed to remain relatively stable. However, that is clearly not the case"