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Mesophotic coral communities escape thermal coral bleaching in French Polynesia | article
Pérez-Rosales G, Rouzé H, Torda G, Bongaerts P, Under The Pole Consortium, Parravicini V, Hédouin L (2021)
R Soc Open Sci

Incident light and morphology determine coral productivity along a shallow to mesophotic depth gradient | article
Lesser MP, Slattery M, Mobley CD (2021)
Ecol Evol 11:13445–13454

Growth and feeding in the sponge Agelas tubulata from shallow to mesophotic depths on Grand Cayman Island | article
Macartney KJ, Clayshulte Abraham A, Slattery M, Lesser MP (2021)
Ecosphere 12:e03764

Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in the Eastern Tropical Pacific: The current state of knowledge and the spatial variability of their depth boundaries | article
Pérez-Castro MA, Schubert N, Ang-Montes de Oca G, Leyte-Morales GE, Eyal G, Hinojosa-Arango G (2021)
Science of The Total Environment

Observations of sea anemones (Hexacorallia: Actiniaria) overgrowing black corals (Hexacorallia: Antipatharia) | article
Gress E, Kaimuddin M (2021)
Marine Biodiversity

Symbiodiniaceae conduct under natural bleaching stress during advanced gametogenesis stages of a mesophotic coral | article
Eyal G, Eyal-Shaham L, Loya Y (2021)
Coral Reefs 40:959–964

Mesophotic coral reef community structure: the constraints of imagery collected by unmanned vehicles | article
Lesser MP, Slattery M (2021)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 663:229-236

Gorgonians Are Foundation Species on Sponge-Dominated Mesophotic Coral Reefs in the Caribbean | article
Slattery M, Lesser MP (2021)
Front Mar Sci

Incident light on mesophotic corals is constrained by reef topography and colony morphology | article
Lesser MP, Mobley CD, Hedley JD, Slattery M (2021)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 670:49-60

Mesophotic coral refuges following multiple disturbances | article
Bloomberg J, Holstein DM (2021)
Coral Reefs 40:821-834

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Luiz Rocha, PhD  @CoralReefFish
Odontanthias borbonius is a beautiful #mesophotic fish found in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific. It’s very com…

Luiz Rocha, PhD  @CoralReefFish
Doesn’t matter how many times I dove breathing helium, I do that every single time! 😂🤣 #hopeforreefs #mesophotic

Zoe Richards  @ZoeR_Coral
When @echinoblog tells you almost everything in one of the @wamuseum @SchmidtOcean #mesophotic collections is likel…

Luiz Rocha, PhD  @CoralReefFish
Terelabrus flavocephalus is a species only found in #mesophotic ecosystems of the Maldives. It was described just a…

#underthepole #DEEPLIFE #mesophoticzone #mesophotic #science #saveourocean #research #ocean #scientificdiving…

Luiz Rocha, PhD  @CoralReefFish
Getting deeper and saw this beauty today! Pseudanthias lunulatus is only found in deep reefs, and is very common in…