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Latest update: July 11, 2020

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Photophysiology of a mesophotic coral 3 years after transplantation to a shallow environment | article
Ben-Zvi O, Tamir R, Keren N, Tchernov D, Berman-Frank I, Kolodny Y, Benaltabet T, Bavli H, Friedman M, Glanz-Idan N, Traugott H, Loya Y, Eyal G (2020)
Coral Reefs

Examining the Effect of Heat Stress on Montastraea cavernosa (Linnaeus 1767) from a Mesophotic Coral Ecosystem (MCE) | article
Skutnik JE, Otieno S, Khoo SK, Strychar KB (2020)
Water 12:1303

Reciprocal-transplantation between shallow and mesophotic stony corals | article
Tamir R, Ben-Zvi O, Eyal G, Kramer N, Loya Y (2020)
Mar Environ Res

Fine‐scale structure among mesophotic populations of the great star coral Montastraea cavernosa revealed by SNP genotyping | article
Drury C, Portela RP, Serrano XM, Oleksiak M, Baker AC (2020)
Ecol Evol

Depth moderates loss of marine foundation species after an extreme marine heatwave: could deep temperate reefs act as a refuge? | article
Giraldo-Ospina A, Kendrick GA, Hovey RK (2020)
Proc R Soc B

Predictive modelling of mesophotic habitats in the north‐western Gulf of Mexico | article
Sterne TK, Retchless D, Allee R, Highfield W (2020)
Aquat Conserv: Mar Freshw Ecosyst 30:846–859

Transcriptomic plasticity of mesophotic corals among natural populations and transplants of Montastraea cavernosa in the Gulf of Mexico and Belize | article
Studivan MS, Voss JD (2020)
Mol Ecol

Physiological Characteristics of Stylophora pistillata Larvae Across a Depth Gradient | article
Scucchia F, Nativ H, Neder M, Goodbody-Gringley G, Mass T (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:13

Depth Influences Symbiodiniaceae Associations Among Montastraea cavernosa Corals on the Belize Barrier Reef | article
Eckert RJ, Reaume AM, Sturm AB, Studivan MS, Voss JD (2020)
Front Microbiol 11:518

The Complexity of the Holobiont in the Red Sea Coral Euphyllia paradivisa under Heat Stress | article
Meron D, Maor-Landaw K, Eyal G, Elifantz H, Banin E, Loya Y, Levy O (2020)
Microorganisms 8:372

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