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Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
Back on dry land. #Bahamas #mesophotic #diving has come to an end! Now to go eat Brazilian steak with the Brazilian… tweet

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Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
Amazing #diversity of benthic #invertebrates on this #mesophotic #reef in #Bahamas tweet


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William Berrington  @VBB_innovation
NOAAResearch: Hawaiian Deep #CoralReefs Reveal Unique #Species noaaocean #mesophotic tweet


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NOAA Research  @NOAAResearch
Hawaiian Deep #CoralReefs Reveal Unique #Species @noaaocean #mesophotic tweet


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Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
.@calacademy dive team surveys fish & coral on deep wall in #Bahamas in aftermath of #HurricaneMatthew… tweet

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CA AcademyOfSciences  @calacademy
Visions in 🔵: More 📷s from our #mesophotic dive team's Bahamas expedition, studying effects of invasive lionfish &… tweet

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Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
Exploring steep, vertical walls in the #Bahamas - unbelievable #mesophotic #diving. tweet


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Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
I speared our first #lionfish of the expedition today. Here's the Umbra at sunset in a gorgeous bay on Cat Island,… tweet

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