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Latest update: September 24, 2023

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Bresmycins A and B, potent anti-breast cancer indolocarbazole alkaloids from the sponge-associated Streptomyces sp. NBU3142 | article
Ding L, Li W, Zhong X, Feng F, Xin Y, Yan X, Lazaro JEH, Zhang B, Shi Y, Yang GJ (2023)
J Mol Struct 1290:135809

Hyperdiversity of the genus Halgerda Bergh, 1880 (Nudibranchia: Discodorididae) with descriptions of fourteen new species | article
Donohoo S, Villalobos SG, Hallas JM, Gosliner TM (2023)
Mar Biodiv

Higher daily temperature range at depth is linked with higher thermotolerance in antipatharians from the canary islands | article
Godefroid M, Gouveia A, Otero-Ferrer F, Espino F, Tuya F, Dubois P (2023)
J Therm Biol 115:103593

Carbonate platform drowning caught in the act: the sedimentology of Saya de Malha Bank (Indian Ocean) | article
Betzler C, Lindhorst S, Reijmer JJG, Braga JC, Lüdmann T, Bialik OM, Reolid J, Geßner AL, Hainbucher D, Bissessur D (2023)

Early life strategies and juvenile mortality in Favosites (Anthozoa, Tabulata) from the Middle Devonian of the Mader Basin (Anti-Atlas, Morocco) | article
Berkowski B, Król J, Jakubowicz M, Zapalski MK (2023)
Palaeogeogr Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol 625:111684

A new report of the stenopodid shrimp Stenopus devaneyi Goy, 1984 from the Western Indian Ocean | article
Barathieu G, Konieczny O, Poupin J (2023)
West Ind Oc J Mar Sci 22:79-82

Benthic communities of the lower mesophotic zone on One Tree shelf edge, southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia | article
Wright RM, Wright RM, Beaman RJ, Daniell J, Bridge TCL, Pall J, Webster JM (2023)
Mar Freshw Res 74:1178-1192

Molecular networking-guided isolation of undescribed antifungal odoriferous sesquiterpenoids from a marine mesophotic zone sponge-associated Stre... | article
Wen H, Zhang D, Zhao H, Zhang Y, Yan X, Lin W, He S, Ding L (2023)

Mesophotic benthic communities associated with a submerged palaeoshoreline in Western Australia | article
Wakeford M, Puotinen M, Nicholas W, Colquhoun J, Vaughan BI, Whalan S, Parnum I, Radford B, Case M, Galaiduk R, Miller KJ (2023)
PLoS ONE 18:e0289805

Differing lesion recovery rates of two Caribbean stony coral species across a shallow water to mesophotic depth gradient suggest different sensitiv... | article
Townsend JE, Brandt ME, Mukherjee S, Medina M, Smith T (2023)
Coral Reefs

Holobiont responses of mesophotic precious red coral Corallium rubrum to thermal anomalies | article
Tignat-Perrier R, van de Water JA, Allemand D, Ferrier-Pagès C (2023)
Environ. microbiome 18:1-4

Styles and rates of mesophotic reef accretion on a Caribbean insular slope | article
Sherman CE, Carlo M, Tuohy E, Adey WH (2023)
Coral Reefs

#Mesophotic on Mastodon

(late) #WeekendReading: Sherman et al. on the style and accumulation rate of #mesophotic (coral) #reefs. Carbonate source seems more impactful on rate then depth, also - lots of micrite.


#WeekendReading: James et al. went down with a submarine to study #mesophotic reefs and came back with a story to tell.


New #PrePrint out!
#Mesophotic #reefs are different from Euphotic ones, but not only biologically, also sedimentologically. With cutting-edge #AUV and #SyntheticApertureSonar, we can begin to see how.


Just added Thoms Rock to my diving sites wish list
RT @ValerioMicaroni
ROV is nice, but diving is better! Yesterday we finally got a chance to dive Thoms Rock in Cook Strait (New Zealand) to collect data on #temperate #mesophotic communities.

So much life in these reefs!🦞🐟🐠🦈🦭🪸🐚