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Luiz Rocha  @CoralReefFish
This is one of the most beautiful fishes in #mesophotic reefs of Palau, Odontanthias borbonius #CASfieldnotes tweet

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Luiz Rocha  @CoralReefFish
Photographed this guy at 100m depth here in Palau! Cephalopohlis poleni #CASfieldnotes #mesophotic tweet


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Luke Tornabene  @FishEvoLuke
2 new species of #mesophotic #fishes described by @FishDoc1 + colleages at @NMNH tweet

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Luiz Rocha  @CoralReefFish
Did our first deep dive in #mesophotic Palau today, incredible diversity! #CASfieldnotes tweet

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Luiz Rocha  @CoralReefFish
I grew up watching @GloboReporter and talked to them about #mesophotic reefs today! #casfieldnotes tweet


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Heidi Burdett  @HLBurdett
#PhD with me @LyellCentre & @univofstandrews: #carbon cycling in the #mesophotic! Open to all Deadline 31st Jan 2017 tweet

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Demographic and reproductive plasticity across the depth distribution of a coral reef fish
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