Zena Dinesen

Zena Dinesen

School of Biological Sciences
The University of Queensland  (Australia)

Research interests

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I first became interested in mesophotic coral communities during my Masters and PhD research. After completing my doctorate at James Cook University on coral assemblages of the Great Barrier Reef, including a review of the genus Leptoseris, I undertook postdoctoral research on soft corals at the Australian Institute of Marine Science. Since then, I worked for some years in Marine Protected Area management with the Queensland [state] Government and with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. More recently I have worked in senior policy roles in fisheries and aquaculture, water resource policy and legislation, and food and agriculture policy with the Queensland Government. I have also held senior adjunct positions with James Cook University and the University of Queensland.I maintain a strong interest in coral reefs and am an active member of the Council of the Australian Coral Reef Society, involved especially in the society postgraduate student fellowships and grants schemes.It's exciting to the see the increasing attention to research on MCEs. I am committed to reviewing my past work on Leptoseris in the light of other more recent morphological and molecular studies!


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The Chagos Archipelago | chapter
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in: Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems, Coral Reefs of the World (Springer) by Loya Y, Puglise KA, Bridge TCL
Global phylogenomic assessment of Leptoseris and Agaricia reveals substantial undescribed diversity at mesophotic depths | article
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BMC Biology 21:147

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