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Higher daily temperature range at depth is linked with higher thermotolerance in antipatharians from the canary islands | article
Godefroid M, Gouveia A, Otero-Ferrer F, Espino F, Tuya F, Dubois P (2023)
J Therm Biol 115:103593

A comparison of mesophotic and shallow sponge holobionts resilience to predicted future temperature elevation | article
Raijman-Nagar L, Goren L, Shefer S, Moskovich R, Li Z, Ilan M (2023)
Front Mar Sci 10:1161648

Low vulnerability of the Mediterranean antipatharian Antipathella subpinnata (Ellis & Solander, 1786) to ocean warming | article
Godefroid M , Zeimes T, Bramanti L, Romans P, Bo M, Toma M, Danis B, Dubois P, Guillaumot C (2023)
Ecol Model 475:110209

Red algae acclimate to low light by modifying phycobilisome composition to maintain efficient light harvesting | article
Voerman SE, Ruseckas A, Turnbull GA, Samuel ID, Burdett HL (2022)
BMC Biology 20:1-6

Green fluorescent protein-like pigments optimise the internal light environment in symbiotic reef-building corals | article
Bollati E, Lyndby NH, D'Angelo C, Kühl M, Wiedenmann J, Wangpraseurt D (2022)
Elife 11:e73521

Temporal gene expression patterns in the coral Euphyllia paradivisa reveal the complexity of biological clocks in the cnidarian-algal symbiosis | article
Rinsky M, Weizman E, Ben-Asher HW, Eyal G, Zhu B, Levy O (2022)
Science Advances 8:eabo6467

Selective deep water coral bleaching occurs through depth isolation | article
Eyal G, Laverick JH, Ben-Zvi O, Brown KT, Kramer N, Tamir R, Lindemann Y, Levy O, Pandolfi JM. (2022)
Science of The Total Environment

Coral fluorescence: a prey-lure in deep habitats | article
Ben-Zvi O, Lindemann Y, Eyal G, Loya Y (2022)
Communications Biology 5:1-8

Plastic responses in the coral Pocillopora acuta to extreme low-light conditions with and without food provision | article
Fong J, Poquita-Du RC, Todd PA (2021)
Mar Biol 168:113

Unravelling the importance of diazotrophy in corals–combined assessment of nitrogen assimilation, diazotrophic community and natural stable isotope... | article
Bednarz VN, Van De Water JA, Grover R, Maguer JF, Fine M, Ferrier-Pagès C (2021)
Front Microbiol

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