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Environmental DNA highlights fish biodiversity in mesophotic ecosystems | article
Muff M, Jaquier M, Marques V, Ballesta L, Deter J, Bockel T, Hocdé R, Juhel JB, Boulanger E, Guellati N, Fernández AP (2023)
Environ DNA 5:56-72

Quantifying sponge communities from shallow to mesophotic depths using orthorectified imagery | article
Lesser MP, Slattery M, Macartney KJ (2023)
Mar Biol 170:1-10

Benthic characterization of mesophotic communities based on optical depths in the Southern Mexican Pacific Coast (Oaxaca) | article
Pérez-Castro MÁ, Eyal G, Leyte-Morales GE, Hinojosa-Arango G, Enríquez S (2023)
Diversity 15:531

Wide-Area Three-Dimensional Imaging of Mesophotic Coral Reefs Using a Low-Cost AUV | article
Noguchi Y, Humblet M, Furushima Y, Ito S, Maki T (2022)
Marine Technology Society 4:74-89

In situ estimation of coral recruitment patterns from shallow to mesophotic reefs using an optimized fluorescence imaging system | article
Nativ H, Scucchia F, Martinez S, Einbinder S, Chequer A, Goodbody-Gringley G, Mass T (2021)
Front Mar Sci 8:709175

Biogeochemical variability and trophic status of reef water column following a coral bleaching event | article
Radice VZ, Fry B, Dove SG, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2021)
Coral Reefs 40:1-7

Comparing the utility of industry ROV and hybrid-AUV imagery for surveys of fish along a subsea pipeline | article
Bond T, Prince J, McLean DL, Partridge JC (2020)
Mar Technol Soc J 54:33-42

Deep-sea coral and sponge taxa increase demersal fish diversity and the probability of fish presence | article
Henderson MJ, Huff DD, Yoklavich MM (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:593844

Pushing satellite imagery to new depths: Seascape feature mapping in a tropical shelf | article
Silveira CBLD, Strenzel GMR, Maida M, Ferreira BP (2020)
Remote Sens Appl 19:100345

Flow structures over mesophotic coral ecosystems in the eastern Gulf of Mexico | article
Valle-Levinson A, Kourafalou VH, Smith RH, Androulidakis Y (2020)
Cont Shelf Res 207:104219

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