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Plumbing the depths with environmental DNA (eDNA): Metabarcoding reveals biodiversity zonation at 45–60 m on mesophotic coral reefs | article
Hoban ML, Bunce M, Bowen BW (2023)
Mol Ecol 32:5590-5608

Monitoring the diurnal and seasonal foraging of Hawaiian monk seals in mesophotic rubble habitat using seafloor event loggers called “electric rocks” | article
Parrish FA, Boland RC, Sawyer M, Greene BD, Buhleier B, Marshall GJ (2023)
Endanger Species Res 51:293-303

Two newly recorded echinoderms from the mesophotic zone in Korea | article
Ubagan MD, Lee J, Shin S, Lee T (2023)
Journal of Species Research 12:180-188

Hyperdiversity of the genus Halgerda Bergh, 1880 (Nudibranchia: Discodorididae) with descriptions of fourteen new species | article
Donohoo S, Villalobos SG, Hallas JM, Gosliner TM (2023)
Mar Biodiv 53:1-60

Discovery of a new sea spider belonging to the genus Pycnogonum (Pycnogonida: Pycnogonidae) in the mesophotic zone of Jejudo Island, Korea | article
Lee D, Park JH, Park T (2023)
Zool Stud 62:23

The hidden diversity of temperate mesophotic ecosystems from central Chile (Southeastern Pacific Ocean) assessed through towed underwater videos | article
Campoy AN, Pérez-Matus A, Wieters EA, Alarcón-Ireland R, Garmendia V, Beldade R, Navarrete SA, Fernández M (2023)
Diversity 15:360

Possible population growth of Astrospartus mediterraneus (Risso, 1826) (Ophiuroidea, Gorgonocephalidae) in the Mediterranean Sea | article
Canessa M, Betti F, Bo M, Enrichetti F, Toma M, Bavestrello G (2023)
Diversity 15:122

Trait-based approaches reveal that deep reef ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean are functionally distinct | article
Stefanoudis PV, Fassbender N, Samimi-Namin K, Adam PA, Ebrahim A, Harlay J, Koester A, Samoilys M, Sims H, Swanborn D, Swanborn D, Talma S, Winter S, Woodall L (2023)
Science of The Total Environment

Cheilostomatida (Bryozoa) from the Ionian Apulian coast (Italy) with the description of new species | article
Pica D, Berning B, Calicchio R (2022)
Eur Zool J 89:371-422

Ecological role and phylogenetic position of a new habitat-forming species (Canalipalpata, Sabellidae) from the Mediterranean mesophotic soft bottoms | article
Enrichetti F, Baldrighi E, Bavestrello G, Betti F, Canese S, Costa A, del Pasqua M, Giangrande A, Langeneck J, Misic C, Putignano M, Toma M, Bo M (2022)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 265:107737

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