Octocorallia (Soft Corals)

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Light and temperature drive the distribution of mesophotic benthic communities in the Central Indian Ocean | article
Diaz C, Howell KL, Robinson E, Hosegood P, Bolton A, Ganderton P, Arber P, Attrill MJ, Foster NL (2023)
Diversity and Distributions

Holobiont responses of mesophotic precious red coral Corallium rubrum to thermal anomalies | article
Tignat-Perrier R, van de Water JA, Allemand D, Ferrier-Pagès C (2023)
Environ. microbiome 18:1-4

Conservation status of upper-mesophotic octocoral habitats at Sporades Archipelago (Aegean Sea) | article
Chimienti G, Maiorca M, Digenis M, Poursanidis D (2023)
Mar Pollut Bull 190:114868

Mucilage-induced necrosis reveals cellular oxidative stress in the Mediterranean gorgonian Paramuricea clavata | article
Montalbetti E, Cavallo S, Azzola A, Montano S, Galli P, Montefalcone M, Seveso D (2023)
J Exp Mar Bio Ecol 559:151839

Isolation of an extract from the soft coral symbiotic microorganism Salinispora arenicola exerting cytoprotective and anti-aging effects | article
Louka XP, Sklirou AD, Le Goff G, Lopes P, Papanagnou ED, Manola MS, Benayahu Y, Ouazzani J, Trougakos IP (2022)
Curr Issues Mol Biol 44:14-30

Soft coral reproductive phenology along a depth gradient: Can "going deeper" provide a viable refuge? | article
Liberman R, Shlesinger T, Loya Y, Benayahu Y (2022)
Ecology 103:e3760

Neospongodes atlantica, a potential case of an early biological introduction in the Southwestern Atlantic | article
Cordeiro RTS, Carpinelli ÁN, Francini-Filho RB, Neves BM, Pérez CD, de Oliveira U, Sumida P, Maranhão H, Monteiro LHU, Carneiro P, Kitahara MV (2022)
PeerJ 10:e14347

Octocorals in the Gulf of Aqaba exhibit high photosymbiont fidelity | article
Liberman R, Benayahu Y, Huchon D. (2022)
Front Microbiol

Transplantation Tests of Precious Coral Fragments Using Small-sized Artificial Substratum | article
Koido T, Toshino S, Kumon F, Nakachi S, Yoshimoto N, Mezaki T (2022)
Zool Stud 61:e46

Inconsistency in community structure and ecological quality between platform and cliff coralligenous assemblages | article
Piazzi L, Ferrigno F, Guala I, Cinti MF, Conforti A, De Falco G, De Luca M, Grech D, La Manna G, Pascucci V, Pansini A (2022)
Ecol Indic 136:108657

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