France - Mediterranean Sea

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Mapping biodiversity in three-dimensions challenges marine conservation strategies: The example of coralligenous assemblages in North-Western Medit... | article
Doxa A, Holon F, Deter J, Villéger S, Boissery P, Mouquet N (2016)
Ecol Indic 61:1042-1054

Population genetic structure of Corallium rubrum in the Mediterranean Sea: diversity, phylogeography, and bathymetric patterns | chapter
Costantini F, Aurelle D, Ledoux J, Abbiati M (2016)
in: () by
Decadal biodiversity patterns in mesophotic coral communities in the NW-Mediterranean | article
Casas-Güell E, Teixidó N, Cebrián E, Garrabou J (2013)
Conference CIESM 2013 40:481
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