South Africa

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Hyperdiversity of the genus Halgerda Bergh, 1880 (Nudibranchia: Discodorididae) with descriptions of fourteen new species | article
Donohoo S, Villalobos SG, Hallas JM, Gosliner TM (2023)
Mar Biodiv 53:1-60

ROV assessment of mesophotic fish and associated habitats across the continental shelf of the Amathole region | article
Button RE, Parker D, Coetzee V, Samaai T, Palmer RM, Sink K, Kerwath SE (2021)
Sci Rep 11:18171

Megabenthos and benthopelagic fishes on Southeast Atlantic seamounts | article
Bergstad OA, Gil M, Høines ÅS, Sarralde R, Maletzky E, Mostarda E, Singh L, António MA, Ramil F, Clerkin P, Campanis G (2019)
African Journal of Marine Science 41:29-50

Notes on a remotely operated vehicle survey to describe reef ichthyofauna and habitats-Agulhas Bank, South Africa | article
Makwela MS, Kerwath SE, Götz A, Sink K, Samaai T, Wilke CG (2016)
Bothalia 46:1-7

Depth and habitat determine assemblage structure of South Africa’s warm-temperate reef fish | article
Heyns-Vaele ER, Bernard ATF, Richoux NB, Parker D, Langlois TJ, Harvey ES, Götz A (2016)
Mar Biol 163:1-17

Depth-related distribution patterns of subtidal macrobenthos in a well-established marine protected area | article
Heyns ER, Bernard ATF, Richoux NB, Götz A (2016)
Mar Biol

Sponge richness along a bathymetric gradient within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa | article
Samaai T, Gibbons MJ, Kerwath S, Yemane D, Sink K (2010)
Mar Biodiv 40:205-217

Interactions of fishes with particular reference to coelacanths in the canyons at Sodwana Bay and the St Lucia Marine Protected Area of South Afric... | article
Heemstra PC, Fricke H, Hissman K, Schauer J, Smale M, Sink K (2006)
S Afr J Sci 102:461-465
The South African coelacanths-an account of what is known after three submersible expeditions: coelacanth research | article
Hissman K, Fricke H, Schauer J, Ribbink AJ, Roberts M, Sink K, Heemstra P (2006)
S Afr J Sci 102:491-500
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