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Elemental cycles in the coralline alga Neogoniolithon hauckii as a recorder of temperature variability in the Mediterranean Sea | article
Hetzinger S, Grohganz M, Halfar J, Hathorne E, Ballesteros E, Kersting DK (2023)
Front Mar Sci 10:1151592

The Eocene carbonate platform of the central-western Malaguides (Internal Betic Zone, S Spain) and its meaning for the Cenozoic paleogeography of t... | article
Tosquella J, Martín-Martín M, Guerrera F, Serrano F, Tramontana M (2022)
Palaeogeogr Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol 589:110840

Reef-associated depositional environments in the lowermost Cretaceous facies (Berriasian) from the Eastern Prebetic domain (South-Iberian Palaeomar... | article
Falces-Delgado S, García-Martínez N, Giannetti A, Baeza-Carratalá JF (2022)
Cretaceous Research 137:105225

Middle Eocene carbonate platforms of the westernmost Tethys | article
Martín-Martín M, Guerrera F, Tosquella J, Tramontana M (2021)
Sediment Geol 415:105861

Involving fishers in scaling up the restoration of cold-water coral gardens on the Mediterranean continental shelf | article
Montseny M, Linares C, Viladrich N, Biel M, Gracias N, Baena P, Quintanilla E, Ambroso S, Grinyó J, Santín A, Salazar J, Carreras M, Palomeras N, Magí L, Vallicrosa G, Gili J, Gori A (2021)
Biol Conserv 262:109301

Draft genome sequence of a Cladosporium species isolated from the mesophotic ascidian Didemnum maculosum | article
Gioti A, Siaperas R, Nikolaivits E, Le Goff G, Ouazzani J, Kotoulas G, Topakas E (2020)
Microbiology Resource Announcements 9: e00311-20

Bryozoans from Chella Bank (Seco de los Olivos), with the description of a new species and some new records for the Mediterranean Sea | article
Ramalho LV, Caballero-Herrera JA, Urra, J, Rueda JL (2020)
Mar Biodiv 50:106

Habitat forming species explain taxonomic and functional diversities in a Mediterranean seamount | article
de la Torriente A., Aguilar R., González-Irusta J. M., Blanco M., Serrano A. (2020)
Ecol Indic 118:106747

Paleocene-Lower Eocene carbonate platforms of westernmost Tethys | article
Martín-Martín M, Guerrera F, Tosquella J, Tramontana M (2020)
Sediment Geol 404:105674

Soft corals assemblages in deep environments of the Menorca Channel (Western Mediterranean Sea) | article
Grinyó J, Garriga A, Soler-Membrives A, Santín A, Ambroso S, López-González PJ, Díaz D (2020)
Progr Oceanogr 188:102435

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