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The Eocene carbonate platform of the central-western Malaguides (Internal Betic Zone, S Spain) and its meaning for the Cenozoic paleogeography of t... | article
Tosquella J, Martín-Martín M, Guerrera F, Serrano F, Tramontana M (2022)
Palaeogeogr Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol 589:110840

Reef-associated depositional environments in the lowermost Cretaceous facies (Berriasian) from the Eastern Prebetic domain (South-Iberian Palaeomar... | article
Falces-Delgado S, García-Martínez N, Giannetti A, Baeza-Carratalá JF (2022)
Cretaceous Research 137:105225

Bryozoans from Chella Bank (Seco de los Olivos), with the description of a new species and some new records for the Mediterranean Sea | article
Ramalho LV, Caballero-Herrera JA, Urra, J, Rueda JL (2020)
Mar Biodiv 50:106

Soft corals assemblages in deep environments of the Menorca Channel (Western Mediterranean Sea) | article
Grinyó J, Garriga A, Soler-Membrives A, Santín A, Ambroso S, López-González PJ, Díaz D (2020)
Progr Oceanogr 188:102435

Mesophotic azooxanthellate coral communities and submarine seascape during the early Pliocene in Manilva Basin (S Spain | article
Aguirre J, Ocaña O, Pérez-Asensio JN, Domènech R, Martinell J, Mayoral E, Santos A (2020)
Coral Reefs

Response diversity in Mediterranean coralligenous assemblages facing climate change: Insights from a multispecific thermotolerance experiment | article
Gómez-Gras D, Linares C, de Caralt S, Cebrian E, Frleta-Valic M, Montero-Serra I, Pagès-Escolà M, López-Sendino P, Garrabou J (2019)
Ecol Evol 9:4168–4180

Biodiversity loss in a Mediterranean ecosystem due to an extreme warming event unveils the role of an engineering gorgonian species | article
Verdura J, Linares C, Ballesteros E, Coma R, Uriz MJ, Bensoussan N, Cebrian E (2019)
Sci Rep 11:5911

Benthic habitat modelling and mapping as a conservation tool for marine protected areas: A seamount in the western Mediterranean | article
de la Torriente A, González‐Irusta JM, Aguilar R, Fernández‐Salas LM, Punzón A, Serrano A (2019)
Aquat Conserv: Mar Freshw Ecosyst 29:732-750

Distribution patterns and demographic trends of demosponges at the Menorca Channel (Northwestern Mediterranean Sea) | article
Santín A, Grinyó J, Ambroso S, Uriz MJ, Dominguez-Carrió C, Gili JM (2019)
Progr Oceanogr 173:9-25

Exploring the genetic diversity and the population structure of the mesophotic Paramuricea macrospina in the Menorca Channel | article
Paletta MG, JordiGrinyó J, Gili JM, Díaz D, Muñoz A, Garrabou J, Abbiati M, Ledoux JB, Costantini F, Costantini F (2019)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 219:444-452

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