Sudan - Red Sea

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Deep-water exploration of the Red Sea by submersible | chapter
Fricke H (1996)
in: Deep-sea and extreme shallow-water habitats: affinities and adpatations () by Uiblien F, Ott J, Stachowitsch M
The foralgal crust facies of the deeper fore reefs in the Red Sea: A deep diving survey by submersible | article
Dullo W-C, Moussavian E, Brachert TC (1990)
Geobios 23:261-281

An undescribed species of Merulina and a new genus and species of siderastreid coral from the Red Sea | article
Head SM (1983)
Journal of Natural History 17:419-435

Composition and ecology of deep-water coral associations | article
Kühlmann DHH (1983)
Helgol Mar Res 36:183-204

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