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Deep-sea coral and sponge taxa increase demersal fish diversity and the probability of fish presence | article
Henderson MJ, Huff DD, Yoklavich MM (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:593844

An analysis of the sessile, structure-forming invertebrates living on California oil and gas platforms | article
Love MS, Nishimoto MM, Snook L, Kui L (2019)
Bull Mar Sci 95:583-596

Depth-dependent temperature variability in the Southern California bight with implications for the cold-water gorgonian octocoral Adelogorgia phyll... | article
Gugliotti EF, DeLorenzo ME, Etnoyer PJ (2019)
J Exp Mar Bio Ecol 514-515:118-126

Comparing the underwater soundscapes of four U.S. national parks and marine sanctuaries | article
Haver SM, Fournet MEH, Dziak RP, Gabriele C, Gedamke J, Hatch LT, Haxel J, Heppell SA, McKenna MF, Mellinger DK, van Parijs SM (2019)
Front Mar Sci

Distribution of deep-water corals, sponges, and demersal fisheries landings in Southern California, USA: implications for conservation priorities | article
Salgado EJ, Nehasil SE, Etnoyer PJ (2018)
PeerJ 6:e5697

Are mesophotic coral ecosystems distinct communities and can they serve as refugia for shallow reefs? | article
Semmler RF, Hoot WC, Reaka ML (2017)
Coral Reefs 36:433–444

Biofluorescence in catsharks (Scyliorhinidae): fundamental description and relevance for elasmobranch visual ecology | article
Gruber DF, Loew ER, Deheyn DD, Akkaynak D, Gaffney JP, Smith WL, Davis MP, Stern JH, Pieribone VA, Sparks JS (2016)
Scientific Reports 6:24751

The structure and distribution of benthic communities on a shallow seamount (Cobb Seamount, Northeast Pacific Ocean) | article
Du Preez C, Curtis JM, Clarke ME (2016)
PLoS ONE 11:e0165513

Patterns of benthic mega-invertebrate habitat associations in the Pacific Northwest continental shelf waters | article
Hemery LG, Henkel SK (2015)
Biodivers Conserv 24:1691-1710

Habitat characterization of a tidal energy site using an ROV: Overcoming difficulties in a harsh environment | article
Greene HG (2015)
Continental Shelf Research 106:85-96

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