A group of researchers from the UPRM-DMS (Philip J Sanchez, Jaaziel...

A group of researchers from the UPRM-DMS (Philip J Sanchez, Jaaziel E Garcia- Hernandez, Dr. Nikolaos Schizas and Nicholas M Hammerman) conducted a series of benthic and fish surveys on mesophotic and shallow adjacent shelf edge habitat from Guánica, Puerto Rico. The aim of the study is to document sponge, coral and fish biodiversity from two depths (20m and 45m) and evaluate species presence, distribution and overlap. Currently the manuscript is being prepared for submission to a journal. Check out the video here:

(C) Nick Hammerman - Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC 4.0)
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Contains species  Underwater photo 

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45 m

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Puerto Rico

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Guánica Bay

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University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez

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Hammerman, Nicholas
García-Hernández, Jaaziel
Schizas, Nikolaos

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March 22, 2018