Allen and Erdmann 2009

scientific article | Aqua Int J Ichthyol

Two new species of damselfishes (Pomacentridae: Chromis) from Indonesia

Allen GR, Erdmann MV


Two new species in the pomacentrid genus Chromis are described from Indonesian seas. Chromis albicauda is described from nine specimens, 79.6-133.7 mm SL, collected at Nusa Penida, off the east coast of Bali. It closely resembles C. analis, which ranges widely in the western Pacific. Both species have a similar yellow colouration, but C. albicauda has an abruptly white caudal fin compared to the yellow caudal of C. analis. It also differs in having a more densely scaled preorbital and a suborbital margin that is obscured by scales. Additional differences include a black blotch covering the anal opening, a larger size, and taller dorsal spines. The other new species, Chromis unipa, is described from five specimens, 42.8-50.4 mm SL collected in 45-60 m in Cenderawasih Bay, Western Papua, Indonesia. Diagnostic features include XIV,11 dorsal rays; II,11 anal rays; 18 pectoral rays; 3 spiniform caudal rays; 14-17 tubed lateral-line scales; body depth 2.0-2.2 in SL, and a distinctive colouration of alternating blue-grey and brassy yellow stripes on the side of the body, blue-grey ventrally on the head and body, bluish fins except for brown basal portion of the caudal fin, and a prominent black spot on the anal fin. It belongs to a complex of deep-dwelling Chromis possessing 14 dorsal spines and it appears most similar to C. degruyi, known from 85-120 m depths in the Caroline Islands. Although both species have similar counts for pectoral-fin rays, tubed lateral-line scales, and gill rakers, they differ with respect to modal numbers of soft dorsal and anal-fin rays as well as body depth and snout length. They also exhibit significant colour pattern differences.

Depth range
30- 60 m

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