de Bakker et al. 2017

scientific article | Front Mar Sci | open access

Corrigendum: Long-term shifts in coral communities on shallow to deep reef slopes of Curaçao and Bonaire: Are there any winners?

de Bakker DM, Meesters EH, Bak RP, Nieuwland G, Van Duyl FC


In the original article a correction is described taking into account a possible decrease in carbonate production with decreasing light intensities at greater depths. This correction was eventually not applied to the actual data and does not feature in the results or conclusions. The authors sincerely apologize for this unfortunate error and stress that it does not change the scientific conclusions of this article in any way. Please find below the exact segment, including “Equation (1)” that should be removed from page 4 of the original paper: “Moreover, the ReefBudget method provides calcification rates for shallow reefs between 5 m and 10 m depth. In order to compensate for the decrease in carbonate production with increasing depth a correction was applied to rates of carbonate production in quadrats at greater depth (Equation 1). G = Gmexp(−km)/Gm (1) Where Gm is the carbonate production at maximum light intensity at the surface, k the extinction coefficient (0.05, Bosscher and Schlager, 1992) and m the depth at which the quadrat is located.” As a consequence, the reference “Bosscher and Schlager, 1992” should also be taken out of the reference list.

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