Lang et al. 1988

scientific article | Proc 6th Int Coral Reef Symp | open access

Depth- and habitat- related bleaching of zooxanthellate reef organisms near Lee Stocking Island, Exuma Cays, Bahamas

Lang JC, Wicklund RI, Dill RF


Hitherto unprecedented levels of bleaching occurred in coral reef organisms across many parts of the western Atlantic during the second half of 1987. During October, proportionately mre reef corals were affected between 10 m and 60 m than in som shallower habitats near Lee Stocking Island on the western nilrgin of Exurna Sound, Bahamas. Comparatively little bleaching was observed from a submersible between 65 m and 91 m in January, 1988, even though my reef organisms still were pale or colorless at lesser depths. Between May and October, underflows of warm, saline water are known to have mved from Great Ekdmm Bank into the Sound cluring outgoing tides in three (1985-1987) of the last four years. Unusually wann, calm and dry (August only) weather in late "smr", 1987, my have enhanced the formation of underflowing waters, or increased the area over which they spread. Bleaching perhaps was initiated by prolongued contact with these dense water masses.

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