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Reef benthos of Seychelles-A field guide | article
Fassbender N, Stefanoudis PV, Filander ZN, Gendron G, Mah CL, Mattio L, Mortimer JA, Moura CJ, Samaai T, Samimi-Namin K, Wagner D, Walton R, Woodall LC (2021)
Biodiversity Data Journal 9:e65970

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483974 Alphonse N1, 60 m. Rhodophyta Florideophyceae Cronquist, 1960 CFF2F772-F471-5FFC-A9A4-B5356E1A2160 Ceramiales Oltmanns, 1904 750BFC2F-5B20-5148-81EF-0D7722CE847D Dasyaceae Kützing, 1843 2C83ACDE-7315-56E3-9737-7EE75945EBA3 Amphisbetema Weber-van Bosse, 1913 F39BB955-D8BD-5DDD-A2D9-D599D6912612 Amphisbetema indica (J.Agardh) Weber-van Bosse, 1913 ED8E8E38-D888-5AF8-989C-97EE33C207A5 Materials Type status:Other material. Taxon: scientificName: Amphisbetemaindica; kingdom: Plantae; phylum: Rhodophyta; class: Florideophyceae; order: Ceramiales; family: Dasyaceae; g…

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