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Composition and abundance of octocorals in the Sea of Marmara, where the Mediterranean meets the Black Sea | article
Topçu EN, Öztürk B (2015)
Scientia Marina 79:125-135

Structure and biodiversity of coralligenous assemblages dominated by the precious red coral Corallium rubrum over broad spatial scales | article
Casas-Güell E, Cebrian E, Garrabou J, Ledoux JB, Linares C, Teixidó N (2016)
Sci Rep 6:36535

Ecological change, sliding baselines and the importance of historical data: Lessons from combining observational and quantitative data on a tempera... | article
Gatti G, Bianchi CN, Parravicini V, Rovere A, Peirano A, Montefalcone M, Massa F, Morri C (2015)
PLoS ONE 10:e0118581

Paramuricea clavata (Anthozoa, Octocorallia) loss in the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara (Sardinia, Italy) due to a mass mortality event | article
Huete‐Stauffer C, Vielmini I, Palma M, Navone A, Panzalis P, Vezzulli L, Misic C, Cerrano C. (2011)
Mar Ecol 32:107-116

Coral forests diversity in the outer shelf of the south Sardinian continental margin | article
Cau A, Moccia D, Follesa MC, Alvito A, Canese S, Angiolillo M, Cuccu D, Bo M, Cannas R (2017)
Deep Sea Res Part 1 Oceanogr Res Pap 122:60-70

Size distribution, density and disturbance in two Mediterranean gorgonians: Paramuricea clavata and Eunicella singularis | article
Linares C, Coma R, Garrabou J, Díaz D, Zabala M (2008)
journal of applied ecology 45:688-699

Consequences of a mass mortality in populations of Eunicella singularis (Cnidaria: Octocorallia) in Menorca (NW Mediterranean) | article
Coma R, Linares C, Ribes M, Diaz D, Garrabou J, Ballesteros E (2006)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 327:51-60

On the occurrence, structure and distribution of deep-water Cystoseira (Phaeophyceae) populations in the Port-Cros National Park (north-western Med... | article
Hereu B, Mangialajo L, Ballesteros E, Thibaut T (2008)
European Journal of phycology 43:263-273

Bryodiversity along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea | article
Novosel M, Hageman SJ, Mihanović H, Novosel A (2019)
Bryozoan Studies
Middle Eocene carbonate platforms of the westernmost Tethys | article
Martín-Martín M, Guerrera F, Tosquella J, Tramontana M (2021)
Sediment Geol 415:105861

Bathymetric distribution and growth rates of Eunicella verrucosa (Cnidaria: Gorgoniidae) populations along the Marseilles coast (France) | article
Sartoretto S, Francour P (2011)
Scientia Marina 76:349-355

Development of a new biotic index for ecological status assessment of Italian coastal waters based on coralligenous macroalgal assemblages | article
Cecchi E, Gennaro P, Piazzi L, Ricevuto E, Serena F (2014)
European Journal of phycology 49:298-312

Ecological Status of Coralligenous Macroalgal Assemblages in the Marine Protected Area (MPA) Isole Ciclopi (Ionian Sea) | article
Costanzo L, G, Marletta G, & Alongi G (2021)
Plants 10:329

Coralligenous formations dominated by Eunicella cavolini (Koch, 1887) in the NE Mediterranean: biodiversity and structure | article
Sini M, Garrabou J, Trygonis V, Koutsoubas D (2019)
Mediterr Mar Sci 20:174-188

Comparison between the sponge fauna living outside and inside the coralligenous bioconstruction. A quantitative approach | article
Calcinai B, Bertolino M, Bavestrello G, Montori S, Mori M, Pica D, Valisano L, Cerrano C. (2015)
Mediterr Mar Sci 16:413-418

Gorgonian population recovery after a mass mortality event | article
Cerrano C, Arillo A, Azzini F, Calcinai B, Castellano L, Muti C, Valisano L, Zega G, Bavestrello G. (2005)
Aquat Conserv: Mar Freshw Ecosyst 15:147-157

Fate of lost fishing gears: Experimental evidence of biofouling colonization patterns from the northwestern Mediterranean Sea | article
Enrichetti F, Bavestrello G, Betti F, Rindi F, Tregrosso A, Bo M. (2021)
Environmental Pollution 268:115746

Characterization of North–Western Mediterranean coralligenous assemblages by video surveys and evaluation of their structural complexity | article
Valisano L, Palma M, Pantaleo U, Calcinai B, Cerrano C. (2019)
Mar Pollut Bull 148:134-148

Ecology, distribution and demography of erect bryozoans in Mediterranean coralligenous reefs | article
Casoli E, Piazzi L, Nicoletti L, Jona-Lasinio G, Cecchi E, Mancini G, Belluscio A, Ardizzone G. (2020)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 235:106573

Coralligenous habitat in the northern Adriatic Sea: an overview | article
Casellato S & Stefanon A (2008)
Mar Ecol 29:321-341

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