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High megabenthic complexity and vulnerability of a mesophotic rocky shoal support its inclusion in a Mediterranean MPA | article
Enrichetti F, Bavestrello G, Cappanera V, Mariotti M, Massa F, Merotto L, Povero P, Rigo I, Toma M, Tunesi L, Vassallo P, Venturini S, Bo M (2023)
Diversity 15:933

Spatio-temporal patterns of the crustacean demersal fishery discard from the south Humboldt Current System, based on scientific observer program (2... | article
Landaeta MF, Hernández-Santoro C, Search FV, Castillo MI, Bernal C, Navarrete SA, Wieters EA, Beldade R, Navarro Campoi A, Pérez-Matus A (2023)
PLoS ONE 18:e0281932

Fish community assessment of shelf-edge artificial reefs along east-central Florida | article
McCallister MP, Oppenborn J, Ajemian MJ. (2023)
Fish Res 259:106561

Recreational fishing impacts in an offshore and deep-water marine park: examining patterns in fished species using hybrid frequentist model selecti... | article
Aston C, Langlois T, Fisher R, Monk J, Gibbons B, Giraldo-Ospina A, Lawrence E, Keesing J, Lebrec U, Babcock RC (2022)
Front Mar Sci 9:835096

Habitat value of subsea wells and pipelines for fishery target species in Australia | article
McLean D, Speed CW, Birt MJ, Colquhoun J, Case M, Stowar M, Bond T, Ierodiaconou D, Whitmarsh SK, Taylor MD, Wines S (2022)
Front Mar Sci 9:960496

Transplantation Tests of Precious Coral Fragments Using Small-sized Artificial Substratum | article
Koido T, Toshino S, Kumon F, Nakachi S, Yoshimoto N, Mezaki T (2022)
Zool Stud 61:e46

Dietary characteristics of the ecologically-important fish species Centroberyx gerrardi, including discussion of resource partitioning among specie... | article
Platell ME, Maschette D, Coulson PG, Tweedley JR, Potter IC (2022)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 275:107975

Diversity, structure and spatial distribution of megabenthic communities in Cap de Creus continental shelf and submarine canyon (NW Mediterranean) | article
Dominguez-Carrió C, Riera JL, Robert K, Zabala M, Requena S, Gori A, Orejas C, Iacono CL, Estournel C, Corbera G, Ambroso S (2022)
Progr Oceanogr 208:102877

Habitat use plasticity by the dog snapper (Lutjanus jocu) across the Abrolhos Bank shelf, eastern Brazil, inferred from otolith chemistry | article
Menezes R, Moura PE, Santos AC, Moraes LE, Condini MV, Rosa RS, Albuquerque CQ (2021)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 263:107637

A coherent, representative, and bioregional marine reserve network shows consistent change in rocky reef fish assemblages | article
Knott NA, Williams J, Harasti D, Malcolm HA, Coleman MA, Kelaher BP, Rees MJ, Schultz A, Jordan A (2021)

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