Jacquomo Monk

Jacquomo Monk

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

15-21 Nubeena Cresent

Research interests

Dr Monk's research background is centred around understanding how spatio-temporal heterogeneity of epi-benthic assemblages respond to different human-induced and natural stressors. Of interest, is quantifying how the scale (extent and resolution), and the way we choose to monitor, affects our ability to detect change in mesophotic marine epi-benthic assemblages (e.g. fishes, macroalgae, sessile invertebrates). He has been involved in the collection and analysis of monitoring datasets from a wide variety of organisms and ecosystems using techniques ranging from electrofishing to diver based visual surveys to towed video, baited remote underwater video (BRUV), remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles (ROV and AUV). He currently forms part of an interdisciplinary and inter-agency national team within the Australian Government funded National Environmental Science Program (NESP) Marine Biodiversity Hub program. This group are investigating the logistical and statistical challenges associated with developing a blueprint for the sustained monitoring of Australia’s recently established Marine Park Network.


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Monitoring the resilience of a no-take marine reserve to a range extending species using benthic imagery | article
Perkins NR, Hosack GR, Foster SD, Monk J, Barrett NS (2020)
PLoS ONE 15:e0237257

Sample-size requirements for accurate length-frequency distributions of mesophotic reef fishes from baited remote underwater stereo video | article
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Comparison of automated classification techniques for predicting benthic biological communities using hydroacoustics and video observations | article
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Outcropping reef ledges drive patterns of epibenthic assemblage diversity on cross-shelf habitats | article
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Biodivers Conserv 25:485-502

Depth and benthic habitat influence shallow and mesophotic predatory fishes on a remote, high-latitude coral reef | article
Brown K, Monk J, Williams J, Carroll A, Harasti D, Barrett N (2022)
PLoS ONE 17:e0265067

Biological and habitat feature descriptions for the continental shelves of Australia’s temperate-water marine parks - including collation of existi... | report
Monk J, Williams J, Barrett NS, Jordan AR, Lucieer VL, Althaus F, Nichol S (2017)

Recreational fishing impacts in an offshore and deep-water marine park: examining patterns in fished species using hybrid frequentist model selecti... | article
Aston C, Langlois T, Fisher R, Monk J, Gibbons B, Giraldo-Ospina A, Lawrence E, Keesing J, Lebrec U, Babcock RC (2022)
Front Mar Sci 9:835096

Research keywords
Research platform experience
  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
  Sonar / Multibeam
  Drop / Towed Video
  Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV)
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