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Physiological and morphological plasticity in Stylophora pistillata larvae from Eilat, Israel, to shallow and mesophotic light conditions | article
Bellworthy J, Pardo R, Scucchia F, Zaslansky P, Goodbody-Gringley G, Mass T (2023)
iScience 26:106969

Cross-depth connectivity shows that deep kelps may act as refugia by reseeding climate-vulnerable shallow beds | article
Giraldo-Ospina A, Ruiz-Montoya L, Kendrick GA, Hovey RK (2023)
Ecosphere 14:e4471

Acclimation potential of Acropora to mesophotic environment | article
Tavakoli-Kolour P, Sinniger F, Morita M, Harii S (2023)
Mar Pollut Bull

Soft coral reproductive phenology along a depth gradient: Can "going deeper" provide a viable refuge? | article
Liberman R, Shlesinger T, Loya Y, Benayahu Y (2022)
Ecology 103:e3760

Reproductive output, synchrony across depth and influence of source depth in the development of early life stages of kelp | article
Giraldo-Ospina A, Kendrick GA, Hovey RK (2021)
J Phycol 57:311-323

Morphological stasis masks ecologically divergent coral species on tropical reefs | article
Bongaerts P, Cooke IR, Ying H, Wels D, den Haan S, Hernandez-Agreda A, Brunner CA, Dove S, Englebert N, Eyal G, Forêt S, Grinblat M, Hay KB, Harii S, Hayward DC, Lin Y, Mihaljević M, Moya A, Muir P, Sinniger F, Smallhorn-West P, Torda G, Ragan MA, Van Oppen MJH, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2021)
Curr Biol 31:2286-2298.e8

Age frequency, growth, mortality, and PAH levels of roughtongue bass (Pronotogrammus martinicensis) following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill | article
Biermann LK, Szedlmayer ST (2021)
Mar Pollut Bull 166:112214

In situ estimation of coral recruitment patterns from shallow to mesophotic reefs using an optimized fluorescence imaging system | article
Nativ H, Scucchia F, Martinez S, Einbinder S, Chequer A, Goodbody-Gringley G, Mass T (2021)
Front Mar Sci 8:709175

Plasticity of Porites astreoides early life history stages suggests mesophotic coral ecosystems act as refugia in Bermuda | article
Goodbody-Gringley G, Scucchia F, Ju R, Chequer A, Einbinder S, Martinez S, Nativ H, Mass T (2021)
Front Mar Sci 8:702672

Deep Heat: A Comparison of Water Temperature, Anemone Bleaching, Anemonefish Density and Reproduction between Shallow and Mesophotic Reefs | article
Haguenauer A, Zuberer F, Siu G, Cortese D, Beldade R, Mills SC (2021)
Fishes 6:37

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