Frederic Sinniger

Frederic Sinniger

Tropical Biosphere Research Center
University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa  (Japan)

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Research interests

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Frederic Sinniger is a marine biologist, interested in molecular taxonomy, evolution and ecology of marine invertebrates. His main domain of expertise concerns deep-sea environments from the mesophotic zone to abyssal depths and biodiversity of benthic invertebrates. Ongoing research programmes investigate the connectivity between shallow and deep marine ecosystems as well as the biogeography and ecology of deep-sea meiofauna using traditional methods as well as second-generation sequencing of environmental DNA. His research also focuses on the molecular taxonomy and phylogeny of several cnidarian groups with special interests towards the evolution of symbiosis in these groups, both in deep sea and in coral reefs.

Research keywords
Research summary (from publications)
2  Community structure
2  Connectivity
2  Reproduction
2  Disturbances
1  Biodiversity

6  Scleractinia (Hard Corals)
2  Symbiodinium (zooxanthellae)

5  Japan - Okinawa
1  Israel - Red Sea

2  Diving (unspecified)
2  Diving - Regular Open-Circuit
2  Aquarium-based
1  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
1  Diving - Technical Open-Circuit

5  Harii
3  Prasetia
1  Ben-Zvi
1  Bongaerts
1  Cohen