Porifera (Sponges)

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Bresmycins A and B, potent anti-breast cancer indolocarbazole alkaloids from the sponge-associated Streptomyces sp. NBU3142 | article
Ding L, Li W, Zhong X, Feng F, Xin Y, Yan X, Lazaro JE, Zhang B, Shi Y, Yang GJ, He S (2023)
J Mol Struct 1290:135809

Molecular networking-guided isolation of undescribed antifungal odoriferous sesquiterpenoids from a marine mesophotic zone sponge-associated Strept... | article
Wen H, Zhang D, Zhao H, Zhang Y, Yan X, Lin W, He S, Ding L (2023)

A comparison of mesophotic and shallow sponge holobionts resilience to predicted future temperature elevation | article
Raijman-Nagar L, Goren L, Shefer S, Moskovich R, Li Z, Ilan M (2023)
Front Mar Sci 10:1161648

Production of phytodetritus by a coral reef sponge increases from shallow to mesophotic depths | article
Lesser MP, Macartney KJ, Slattery M (2023)
Limnol Oceanogr 68:1247–1255

An annotated and illustrated identification guide to common mesophotic reef sponges (Porifera, Demospongiae, Hexactinellida, and Homoscleromorpha) ... | article
Díaz MC, Nuttall M, Pomponi SA, Rützler K, Klontz S, Adams C, Hickerson EL, Schmahl GP (2023)
Zookeys 1161:1-68

Quantifying sponge communities from shallow to mesophotic depths using orthorectified imagery | article
Lesser MP, Slattery M, Macartney KJ (2023)
Mar Biol 170:1-10

Facies created by the yellow coral Dendrophyllia cornigera (Lamarck, 1816): Origin, substrate preferences and habitat complexity | article
Enrichetti F, Toma M, Bavestrello G, Betti F, Giusti M, Canese S, Moccia D, Quarta G, Calcagnile L, Andaloro F, Greco S, Bo M (2023)
Deep Sea Res Part 1 Oceanogr Res Pap 195:104000

Marine heat waves drive bleaching and necrosis of temperate sponges | article
Bell JJ, Smith RO, Micaroni V, Strano F, Balemi CA, Caiger PE, Miller KI, Spyksma AJ, Shears NT (2023)
Curr Biol 33:158-63

Guignardones Y-Z, antiviral meroterpenes from Penicillium sp. NBUF154 associated with a Crella sponge from the marine mesophotic zone | article
Zou J, Wu J, Ding L, Wang W, Liu Y, Feng Y, Lai Q, Lin W, Wang T, He S (2022)
Chemistry and Biodiversity 19: e2022004

Acremocholone, an Anti-Vibrio Steroid from the Marine Mesophotic Zone Ciocalypta Sponge-Associated Fungus Acremonium sp. NBUF150 | article
Feng YP, Wang HK, Wu JL, Shao P, Zhou WL, Lai QL, Lin HW, Naman CB, Wang TT, He S (2022)
Chemistry and Biodiversity 19: e202200028

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