Scleractinia (Hard Corals)

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Resource Partitioning by Reef Corals as Determined from Stable Isotope Composition II. σl5N of Zooxanthellae and Animal Tissue versus Depth | article
Muscatine L, Kaplan IR (1994)
Pac Sci
“Ring” Bleaching in Southern Caribbean Agaricia Agaricites During Rapid Water Cooling | article
Kobluk DR, Lysenko MA (1994)
Bull Mar Sci 54:142-150
Depth-related timing of density band formation in Porites spp. corals from the Red Sea inferred from X-ray chronology and stable isotope composition | article
Klein R, Pätzold J, Wefer G, Loya Y (1993)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 97:99-104
Adaptation of solitary corals and their zooxanthellae to low light and UV radiation | article
Masuda K, Goto M, Maruyama T, Miyachi S (1993)
Mar Biol 117:685-691

New Records of Deep-Water Cnidaria (Scleractinia & Antipatharia) from the Gulf of Mexico | article
Cairns SD, Opresko DM, Hopkins TS, Schroeder WW (1993)
Northeast Gulf Science 13:1-11
Influence of light on algal symbionts of the deep water coral Leptoseris fragilis | article
Kaiser P, Schlichter D, Fricke HW (1993)
Mar Biol 117:45-52

Photoadaptation of Solitary Corals, Fungia repanda, F. echinata, and Their Zooxanthellae | article
Masuda K, Goto M, Maruyama Tadashi, Miyachi S (1992)
Proceedings of the Seventh International Coral Reef Symposium 1:373-378
The stable level of coral primary production in a wide light range | article
Titlyanov EA (1991)
Hydrobiologia 216:383-387

Mechanisms of amplification of photosynthetically active radiation in the symbiotic deep-water coral Leptoseris fragilis | article
Schlichter D, Fricke HW (1991)
Hydrobiologia 216/217:389-394

A perforated gastrovascular cavity in the symbiotic deep-water coral Leptoseris fragilis: a new strategy to optimize heterotrophic nutrition | article
Schlichter D (1991)
Helgolander Meeresunters 45:423-443

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