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Light and temperature drive the distribution of mesophotic benthic communities in the Central Indian Ocean | article
Diaz C, Howell KL, Robinson E, Hosegood P, Bolton A, Ganderton P, Arber P, Attrill MJ, Foster NL (2023)
Diversity and Distributions

Carbonate platform drowning caught in the act: the sedimentology of Saya de Malha Bank (Indian Ocean) | article
Betzler C, Lindhorst S, Reijmer JJG, Braga JC, Lüdmann T, Bialik OM, Reolid J, Geßner AL, Hainbucher D, Bissessur D (2023)
Sedimentology 70:78-99

Benthic communities of the lower mesophotic zone on One Tree shelf edge, southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia | article
Wright RM, Beaman RJ, Daniell J, Bridge TCL, Pall J, Webster JM (2023)
Mar Freshw Res 74:1178-1192

Mesophotic benthic communities associated with a submerged palaeoshoreline in Western Australia | article
Wakeford M, Puotinen M, Nicholas W, Colquhoun J, Vaughan BI, Whalan S, Parnum I, Radford B, Case M, Galaiduk R, Miller KJ (2023)
PLoS ONE 18:e0289805

Beachrocks of the last low sea level, substrate of the Great Amazon Reef system along the outer Guiana shelf | article
Giresse P, Loncke L, Heuret A, Longueville F, Casanova A, Sadaoui M (2023)
Geo-Marine Letters 43:10

The Eocene carbonate platforms of the Ghomaride Domain (Internal Rif Zone, N Morocco): a segment of the westernmost Tethys | article
Martín-Martín M, Tosquella J, Guerrera F, Maaté A, Hlila R, Maaté S, Tramontana M, Le Breton E (2023)
Sediment Geol 452:106423

Holocene, mesophotic, carbonate sedimentation, Bermuda atoll margin; a submersible study | article
James N, Blasco S, Tucker T (2023)
Mar Geol 460:107049

High megabenthic complexity and vulnerability of a mesophotic rocky shoal support its inclusion in a Mediterranean MPA | article
Enrichetti F, Bavestrello G, Cappanera V, Mariotti M, Massa F, Merotto L, Povero P, Rigo I, Toma M, Tunesi L, Vassallo P, Venturini S, Bo M (2023)
Diversity 15:933

Conservation status of upper-mesophotic octocoral habitats at Sporades Archipelago (Aegean Sea) | article
Chimienti G, Maiorca M, Digenis M, Poursanidis D (2023)
Mar Pollut Bull 190:114868

Mesophotic foraminiferal-algal nodules play a role in the Red Sea carbonate budget | article
Bracchi VA, Purkis SJ, Marchese F, Nolan MKB, Terraneo TI, Vimercati S, Chimienti G, Rodrigue M, Eweida A, Benzoni F (2023)
Commun. Earth Environ. 4:288

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