John Reed

John Reed

FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Florida Atlantic University  (United States of America)
Research interests

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John Reed is Principal Investigator for the Robertson Coral Reef Research & Conservation Program. He is a project PI and leads the research and conservation programs on deep water and mesophotic coral reefs for the NOAA Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research, and Technology (CIOERT). John’s research is not only scientifically important, but it has also directly resulted in the protection of fragile deep water coral habitats.


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

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in: Coral Reefs of the USA (Springer) by Riegl B.M., Dodge R.E.

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Reed JK (2006)
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
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10.1016   j.csr.2016.06.012 The perfect storm: match-mismatch of bio-physical events drives larval reef fish connectivity between Pulley Ridge mesophotic reef and the Florida ... | article
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Cont Shelf Res 0:0
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Harter Fish assemblages associated with red grouper pits at Pulley Ridge, a mesophotic reef in the Gulf of Mexico | article
Harter SL, Moe H, Reed JK, David AW (2017)
Fish Bull 115:419-432
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10.1002   ecs2.1542 Habitat availability and depth-driven population demographics regulate reproductive output of a coral reef fish | article
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