Peter Auster

Peter Auster

Department of Marine Sciences and Northeast Undersea Research Technology & Education Center
University of Connecticut  (United States of America)

Research interests

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I am a Research Professor Emeritus of Marine Sciences and serve as the Science Director of the Northeast Underwater Research Technology & Education Center (NURTEC). I also hold an appointment as a Senior Research Scientist at Mystic Aquarium. My research focuses on the ecology and conservation of fishes. This work has allowed me to participate as scientist or chief-scientist on over 60 major research cruises and a multitude of shore-based projects in the northwest Atlantic, Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, Caribbean Sea, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Sea of Cortez, and in the equatorial Pacific.


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Coordinated hunting behaviors of mixed-species groups of piscivores and associated species at Isla del Coco National Park (Eastern Tropical Pacific) | article
Auster PJ, Cortés J, Alvarado JJ, Beita-Jiménez A (2019)
Neotrop Ichthyol 17:e180165

facilitative behavioral interactions between deepwater piscivores at isla del coco national park and las gemelas seamount, Costa Rica | article
Auster PJ, Sánchez-Jiménez A, Rodríguez-Arrieta JA, Quesada AJ, Pérez C, Naranjo-Elizondo B, Blum S, Cortés J (2016)
Rev Biol Trop 64:187-S196

updated catalogue of bony fishes observed in deep waters at isla del coco national park and las gemelas seamount, costa rica (eastern tropical paci... | article
Sánchez-Jiménez A, Naranjo-Elizondo B, Rodríguez-Arrieta A, Quesada AJ, Blum S, McCosker JE, Robertson DR, Auster PJ, Cortés J (2018)
Rev Biol Trop 66:S1-S113

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