Juan A Sánchez

Juan A Sánchez

Biological Sciences
Universidad de los Andes  (Colombia)

Juan Armando Sánchez, Ph.D. Profesor titular, Director del Laboratorio de Biología Molecular Marina (BIOMMAR)/ Frontiers in Marine Science-Associate Editor Departamento Ciencias Biológicas-Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de los Andes Calle 19 No 1-60 (J 212/ J 308 lab) Bogotá, Colombia +571-3394949 *3756 @biommar

Research interests

We have been interested in the processes driving the origin and maintenance of marine diversity, which have broader impacts for conservation, climate change prediction and sustainable development of marine regions. Our research questions include bridging phenotypic plasticity and ecological speciation, adaptive radiations in corals and octocorals, the coevolution of corals with their symbionts and the effect of soft-barriers in shaping species phylogeography. Our techniques include de novo genome sequencing, population genomics/genetics, global change/ocean acidification mesocosms experiments, and molecular ecology. We have also a team of experienced technical CCR-rebreather divers to study mesophotic corals and endolithic algae symbiosis.


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Conspicuous endolithic algal associations in a mesophotic reef-building coral | article
Gonzalez-Zapata FL, Gómez-Osorio S, Sánchez JA (2018)
Coral Reefs 37:705–709

Gorgonian Corals | chapter
Sánchez JA, Dueñas LF, Rowlet SJ, Gonzalez-Zapata FL, Gonzalez-Zapata FL, Vergara DC, Montaño-Salazar SM, Calixto-Botía I, Gómez CE, Abeytia R, Colin PL, Cordeiro RTS, Pérez CD (2019)
in: Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems (Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019) by Yossi L, Puglise KA, Bridge T
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  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
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