Kristine White

Kristine White

University of Tampa  (United States of America)
&  University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan

Research interests

My research interests focus on the interactions among coral reef organisms and the shifting baselines of coral reef ecosystems. Most of my time is spent researching the ecology and biodiversity of marine amphipod crustaceans inhabiting coral reefs worldwide. My specialty is in a potentially eusocial and/or harem-based amphipod family that is endo-commensal with sessile marine invertebrates, focusing on taxonomic, systematic, ecological, and phylogenetic studies of this deep lineage based family in tropical ecosystems. More recently, I have been involved in investigating the effects of invasive invertebrates on coral reef ecosystems.


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Typhoon damage on a shallow mesophotic reef in Okinawa, Japan | article
White KN, Ohara T, Fujii T, Kawamura I, Mizuyama M, Montenegro J, Shikiba H, Naruse T, McClelland TY, Denis V, Reimer JD (2013)
PeerJ 1:e151

First record of a mesophotic Pachyseris foliosa reef from Japan | article
Ohara T, Fujii T, Kawamura I, Mizuyama M, Montenegro J, Shikiba H, White KN, Reimer JD (2013)
Marine Biodiversity 43:71-72

Shifting communities after­­ typhoon damage on an upper mesophotic reef in Okinawa, Japan | article
White​​ KN, Weinstein​ DK, Ohara T, Denis V, Montenegro J, Reimer JD (2017)
PeerJ 5:e3573

Research keywords
Research platform experience
  SCUBA (open-circuit or unspecified)
  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  Dredging / trawling
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