Tiffany Sih

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Tiffany Sih

College of Science and Engineering
James Cook University  (Australia)
&  Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies AIMS@JCU partnership with Australian Institute of Marine Science

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Research interests

Growing up along the sunny shores of California, my interest in fishes began at a young age, while accompanying my grandfather on fishing trips (because I was the only family member who didn't get seasick). After getting a Bachelor of Science at the University of Southern California, I tested my sea-legs working as a fishery observer in the Bering Sea and then as a naturalist in Maui. During these formative years I also became a dive instructor, boat captain, and even managed some closed-circuit rebreather training. I then began a Masters, followed by a PhD program at James Cook University, Australia, where I combined my research interests in fishes and fishing. I use Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations (BRUVS) and advanced otolith chemistry techniques to look at the distribution of deeper fishes.


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

S41598 017 11452 1 Deep-reef fish assemblages of the Great Barrier Reef shelf-break (Australia) | article
Sih T, Cappo M, Kingsford M (2017)
Sci Rep 7:10886
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  Diving - Regular Open-Circuit
  Sonar / Multibeam
  Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV)
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1  Biodiversity
1  Community structure
1  Fisheries

1  Fishes

1  Australia - Great Barrier Reef

1  Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV)