Rene Abesamis

Rene Abesamis

Silliman University-Angelo King Center for Research and Environmental Management

Research interests

A core focus of my research is the ecological effects of marine protected areas, including understanding broader-scale effects through the dispersal of reef fish larvae and their implications for management in developing coral reef countries. I am primarily a field ecologist studying reef fish but in the past decade have led multi-disciplinary research programs on coral reef connectivity in the Philippines involving ecologists, oceanographers, geneticists and conservation planners. Recently, I initiated research on the ecology of fish that inhabit mesophotic coral ecosystems.


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Benthic habitat and fish assemblage structure from shallow to mesophotic depths in a storm-impacted marine protected area | article
Abesamis RA, Langlois T, Birt M, Thillainath E, Bucol AA, Arceo HO, Russ GR (2018)
Coral Reefs 37:81-97

Shore-fish assemblage structure in the central Philippines from shallow coral reefs to the mesophotic zone | article
Abesamis RA, Utzurrum JAT, Raterta LJ, Russ GR (2020)
Mar Biol 167:1-15

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Research platform experience
  Acoustic Telemetry
  Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV)
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