Alex Veglia

Alex Veglia

Department of Marine Sciences
University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez  (Puerto Rico)

Research interests

MSc candidate in biological oceanography at UPRM interested in marine population genomics and the diversity and role of viruses within the coral holobiont. My on-going mesophotic-related projects include: i. Population connectivity of Nassau Grouper breeding aggregations in PR USVI ii. Characterizing the first draft de novo whole genome assembly of Nassau Grouper iii. Generating and describing a de novo transcriptome assembly of Agaricia lamarcki collected from mesophotic depth using novel contamination removal and assembly procedures (Veglia et al. In revision) iv. Bacterial and viral assemblage analysis of Agaricia lamarcki holobiont along shallow-mesophotic depth gradients in La Parguera, Puerto Rico v. Developing.


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Characterizing population structure of coral-associated fauna from mesophotic and shallow habitats in the Caribbean | article
Veglia A, Hammerman NM, Rivera Rosaly CR, Lucas M, Galindo Estronza A, Corgosinho PH, Schizas NV (2018)
J Mar Biol Assoc UK

De novo transcriptome assembly of the coral Agaricia lamarcki (Lamarck's sheet coral) from mesophotic depth in southwest Puerto Rico | article
Veglia AJ, Hammerman NM, Rivera-Vicéns RE, Schizas NV (2018)
Marine Genomics

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