Aiswarya Gopal

Aiswarya Gopal

Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Atal Bhavan, Puthuvype, Kochi, Kerala, India

Research interests

Benthic fauna in and around reefs areas of Island ecosystems in Indian waters


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Distinctive community patterns with exceptional diversity of polychaetes around a tectonically active archipelago in the tropical Indian Ocean | article
Gopal A, Abdul Jaleel KU, Parameswaran UV, Sanjeevan VN, Saramma AV, Vijayan A, Saravanane N, Gupta GV, Sudhakar M (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:710

Armandia sampadae, a new species of polychaete (Opheliidae) from Andaman Sea, Northern Indian Ocean | article
Gopal A, KU AJ, Parameswaran UV, Vijayan AK (2016)
J Mar Biol Assoc UK 96:1625-1632

Prionospio atrovitta (Annelida: Spionidae), a new species from Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, northern Indian Ocean | article
Gopal A, Parameswaran UV, Abdul Jaleel KU, Saravanane N (2020)
Mar Biol Res 16:134-140

A new species of polychaete, Pettibonella shompens sp. nov. (Orbiniidae), from the Nicobar Islands, North Indian Ocean | article
Gopal A, Koovapurath Useph AJ, Varghese SA, Narayana SV (2014)
Mar Biol Res 10:1033-1037

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