Ludovic Hoarau

Ludovic Hoarau

&  3R Rehabilitation of Reunion Island Reef

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Unexplored refugia with high cover of scleractinian Leptoseris spp. and hydrocorals Stylaster flabelliformis at lower mesophotic depths (75–100 m) ... | article
Hoarau L, Rouzé H, Boissin E, Gravier-Bonnet N, Plantard P, Loisil C, Bigot L, Chabanet P, Labarrère P, Penin L, Adjeroud M, Mulochau T (2021)

Diving into the lower mesophotic coral ecosystems (65–93 m depth) of Reunion Island (Southwestern Indian Ocean) sheds light on the hidden diversit... | article
Gravier-Bonnet N, Boissin E, Hoarau L, Plantard P, Loisil C, Ory D, Mulochau T, Chabanet P, Adjeroud M, Bourmaud C, Rouzé H (2022)
Marine Biodiversity

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