Angela Stevenson

Angela Stevenson

School of Biological and Marine Sciences
&  Marine Biological Association of the UK

Research interests

Benthic ecology Crinoid biology Echinoderms (crinoids and echinoids) Predator-prey interactions


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Warming and acidification threaten glass sponge Aphrocallistes vastus pumping and reef formation | article
Stevenson A, Archer SK, Schultz JA, Dunham A, Marliave JB, Martone P, Harley CDG (2020)
Sci Rep

Review of the central and south Atlantic shelf and deep-sea benthos: science, policy, and management | chapter
Bridges AEH, Howell KL, Amaro T, Atkinson L, Barnes DKA, Bax N, Bell JB, Bernardino AF, Beuck L, Braga-Henriques A, Brandt A, Bravo ME, Brix S, Butt S, Carranza A, Doti BL, Elegbede IO, Esquete P, Freiwald A, Gaudron SM, Guilhon M, Hebbeln D, Horton T, Kainge P, Kaiser S, Lauretta D, Limongi P, McQuaid KA, Milligan RJ, Miloslavich P, Narayanaswamy BE, Orejas C, Paulus S, Pearman TRR, Perez JA, Ross RE, Saeedi H, Shimabukuro M, Sink K, Stevenson A, Taylor M, Titschack J, Vieira RP, Vinha B, Wienberg C (2023)
in: Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review (Taylor & Francis) by Hawkins SJ, Todd PA, Russell BD, Lemasson AJ, Allcock AL, Byrne M, Firth LB, Lucas CH, Marzinelli EM, Mumby PJ, Sharples J
Research keywords
Research platform experience
  SCUBA (open-circuit or unspecified)
  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  Manned Submersible
  Drop / Towed Video
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