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Carbonate platform drowning caught in the act: the sedimentology of Saya de Malha Bank (Indian Ocean) | article
Betzler C, Lindhorst S, Reijmer JJG, Braga JC, Lüdmann T, Bialik OM, Reolid J, Geßner AL, Hainbucher D, Bissessur D (2023)
Sedimentology 70:78-99

Mesophotic benthic communities associated with a submerged palaeoshoreline in Western Australia | article
Wakeford M, Puotinen M, Nicholas W, Colquhoun J, Vaughan BI, Whalan S, Parnum I, Radford B, Case M, Galaiduk R, Miller KJ (2023)
PLoS ONE 18:e0289805

The hidden diversity of temperate mesophotic ecosystems from central Chile (Southeastern Pacific Ocean) assessed through towed underwater videos | article
Campoy AN, Pérez-Matus A, Wieters EA, Alarcón-Ireland R, Garmendia V, Beldade R, Navarrete SA, Fernández M (2023)
Diversity 15:360

Mesophotic reefs are not refugia for neither taxonomic nor functional diversity of reef fishes | article
Loiseau N, Villéger S, Le Bozec C, Gimenez M, Kawahara SL, Claverie T (2023)
Coral Reefs 42:63-75

Quantifying mesophotic fish assemblages of Hawai‘i’s Au‘au Channel: associations with benthic habitats and depth | article
Boland RC, Hyrenbach KD, DeMartini EE, Parrish FA, Rooney JJ (2022)
Front Mar Sci 8:785308

Pre-assessment of zoobenthos diversity from the only hard coral Marine Reserve in the Turkish Seas (Çanakkale Strait, Turkey) | article
Özalp HB, Demir V, Evcen A, Önen-Tarantini S, Montesanto F, Erdoğan S, Çulha M, Koçak F (2022)
Regional Studies in Marine Science 55:e102571

Comprehensive spatial distribution of tropical fish assemblages from multifrequency acoustics and video fulfils the island mass effect framework | article
Salvetat J, Bez N, Habasque J, Lebourges-Dhaussy A, Lopes C, Roudaut G, Simier M, Travassos P, Vargas G, Bertrand A (2022)
Sci Rep 12:8787

Current and sea level control the demise of shallow carbonate production on a tropical bank (Saya de Malha Bank, Indian Ocean) | article
Betzler C, Lindhorst S, Lüdmann T, Reijmer JJ, Braga J-C, Bialik OM, Reolid J, Eisermann JO, Emeis K, Rixen T, Bissessur D (2021)
Geology 49:1431-1435

Range extension of mesophotic kelps (Ochrophyta: Laminariales and Tilopteridales) in the Central North Atlantic: Opportunities for marine forest re... | article
Tempera F, Milla‐Figueras D, Sinde‐Mano AL, Atchoi E, Afonso P (2021)
J Phycol 57:1140-50

Changes in reef fish assemblages in a cross-shelf euphotic-mesophotic gradient in tropical SW Atlantic | article
Silva MB, Rosa RS, Menezes R, Francini-Filho RB (2021)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 259:107465

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