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Mesophotic bioclastics and bioconstructions at the continental shelf of Santos Basin, Brazil | article
Filho JRDS, Figueiredo AG, Carneiro JC, Dias GTDM, Ramalho AS (2022)
Sediment Geol 442:106294

Sedimentology of ephemeral carbonate accumulations in siliciclastic-dominated passive margin settings, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea | article
Ma B, Qin Z, Betzler C, Wu S, Mi L, Gao W, Gao J, Liu X (2021)
Mar Pet Geol 130:105122

Development patterns of an isolated oligo-mesophotic carbonate buildup, early Miocene, Yadana field, offshore Myanmar | article
Teillet T, Fournier F, Montaggioni LF, BouDagher-Fadel M, Borgomano J, Braga JC, Villeneuve Q, Hong F (2020)
Mar Pet Geol 111:440–460

Coral injuries observed at Mesophotic Reefs after the Deepwater Horizon oil discharge | article
Silva M, Etnoyer PJ, MacDonald IR (2016)
Deep Sea Res Part 2 Trop Stud Oceanogr 129:96-107

Desert flash floods form hyperpycnal flows in the coral-rich Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea | article
Katz T, Ginat H, Eyal G, Steiner Z, Braun Y, Shalev S, Goodman-Tchernov BN (2015)
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 417:87-98

Stability of the sponge assemblage of Mediterranean coralligenous concretions along a millennial time span | article
Bertolino M, Calcinai B, Cattaneo‐Vietti R, Cerrano C, Lafratta A, Pansini M, Pica D, Bavestrello G (2014)
Mar Ecol 35:149-158

Pleistocene coral assemblages on Irabu-Jima, South Ryukyu Islands, Japan | article
Humblet M, Iryu Y (2014)
Palaeontological Research 18:224-244

Linking environmental forcing and trophic supply to benthic communities in the Vercelli Seamount area (Tyrrhenian Sea) | article
Harriague AC, Bavestrello G, Bo M, Borghini M, Castellano M, Majorana M, Massa F, Montella A, Povero P, Misic C (2014)
PLoS ONE 9:e110880

A depth refugium from catastrophic coral bleaching prevents regional extinction | article
Smith TB, Glynn PW, Maté JL, Toth LT, Gyory J (2014)
Ecology 95:1663-1673

Neritic carbonate for six submerged coral reefs from northern Australia: Implications for Holocene global carbon dioxide | article
Heap AD, Harris PT, Fountain L (2009)
Palaeogeogr Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol 283:77-90

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