Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

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Spatial properties of sessile benthic organisms and the design of repeat visual survey transects | article
Perkins NR, Hosack GR, Foster SD, Hill NA, Barrett NS (2017)
Aquat Conserv: Mar Freshw Ecosyst 29:59-71

Temporal and spatial variability in the cover of deep reef species: Implications for monitoring | article
Perkins NR, Foster SD, Hill NA, Marzloff MP, Barrett NS (2017)
Ecol Indic 77:337-347

Changes in deep reef benthic community composition across a latitudinal and environmental gradient in temperate Eastern Australia | article
James LC, Marzloff MP, Barrett N, Friedman A, Johnson CR (2017)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 565:35-52

Mesophotic coral ecosystems: a geoacoustically derived proxy for habitat and relative diversity for the leeward shelf of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean | article
Trembanis AC, Forrest AL, Keller BM, Patterson MR (2017)
Front Mar Sci

Outcropping reef ledges drive patterns of epibenthic assemblage diversity on cross-shelf habitats | article
Monk J, Barrett NS, Hill NA, Lucieer VL, Nichol SL, Siwabessy PJW, Williams SB (2016)
Biodivers Conserv 25:485-502

The structure and distribution of benthic communities on a shallow seamount (Cobb Seamount, Northeast Pacific Ocean) | article
Du Preez C, Curtis JM, Clarke ME (2016)
PLoS ONE 11:e0165513

Stereo_imaging AUV detects trends in sea urchin abundance on deep overgrazed reefs | article
Ling SD, Mahon I, Marzloff M, Pizarro O, Johnson C, Williams S (2016)
Limnol Oceanogr Methods 14:293-304

The implementation of rare events logistic regression to predict the distribution of mesophotic hard corals across the main Hawaiian Islands | article
Veazey​ LM, Franklin EC, Kelley C, Rooney​ J, Frazer LN, Toonen RJ (2016)
PeerJ 4:e2189

Characterization of Shallow Inshore Coastal Reefs on the Tasman Peninsula, Southeastern Tasmania, Australia | chapter
Lucieer V, Barrett N, Hill N, Nichol SL (2012)
in: Seafloor Geomorphology As Benthic Habitat : GeoHAB Atlas of Seafloor Geomorphic Features and Benthic Habitats () by Harris PT, Baker EK
Regional-scale benthic monitoring for ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM) using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) | article
Smale DA, Kendrick GA, Harvey ES, Langlois TJ, Hovey RK, Van Niel KP, Waddington KI, Bellchambers LM, Pember MB, Babcock RC, Vanderklift MA (2012)
ICES J Mar Sci 69:1108-1118

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