Follow-up: Invitation for a collaborative project on mesophotic reefs

   2017, November 27
Posted by Joe Turner

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“Follow-up: Invitation for a collaborative project on mesophotic reefs”

Dear Mesophotic Researchers,

Firstly, thank you very much to those who have responded to our call to identify the key questions revolving around Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems (MCEs) and Temperate Mesophotic Ecosystems (TMEs). If you did not contribute to the question list, we would still very much welcome and value your input.

We would greatly appreciate your further input by ranking the question list to more quantitatively assign the thoughts of the mesophotic community. Rankings are from 0 (no relevance) to 10 (critical importance).

Please visit the following link to complete this information:

Questions have been summarised and divided into broad themes, where you will be presented with a random selection of questions from each theme, so please don't be alarmed if you don't see your specific question.

These rankings will be highly important to drive discussion at the upcoming workshop at the European Coral Reef Symposium in Oxford, UK on 12-14th December. As a result, responses are required by Friday 8th December to allow collation of the information.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions,

Many thanks,