Randall and Pyle 2001

scientific article | Raffles Bull Zool | open access

Four new serranid fishes of the anthiine genus Pseudanthias from the South Pacific

Randall JE, Pyle RL


Four new species of the anthiine fish genus Pseudanthias are described from islands of the South Pacific: P. carlsoni from Fiji in 37-46 m (with nontype specimens identified from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Loyalty Islands) is characterised by 16 dorsal soft rays; 17 or 18 pectoral rays; 41-45 lateral-line scales; 10-11 + 24-26 gill rakers; body depth 2.7-3.1 in SL; third dorsal spine of males elongate, 1.6-1.85 in head length; males with a narrow red bar on side of body below eighth dorsal spines and a large bright red spot in dorsal fin between sixth and seventh or eighth spines. P. j7.avicauda from Fiji in 30-61 m, has 16 dorsal soft rays; 17-18 pectoral rays; 45-49 lateral-line scales; 10-11 + 24-26 gill rakers; body depth 3.1-3.3 in SL; third dorsal spine of males elongate, 1.5-1.95 in head length; body of males magenta with a large predominately yellow area on back; fins of both sexes mainly yellow, that of caudal fin brightest. P. hiva from the Marquesas, one of a complex that includes P. cooperi, has 17 or 18 dorsal rays; 19-21 pectoral rays; 45-48 lateral-line scales; 11-13 + 25-27 gill rakers; body depth 3.0-3.2 in SL; both sexes orange to red dorsally, shading to lavender ventrally, the scales on side and ventrally with yellow centers; a narrow orange-red bar on side below eighth and ninth dorsal spines; females with redtipped caudal lobes; caudal fin of males red with pink margins and lobe filaments. P. privitera from Rarotonga in 116 m has 15 dorsal soft rays; 18 pectoral rays; 47-52 lateral-line scales; 8-10 + 24-27 gill rakers; 2 supraneural bones; an elongate body, the depth 3.9-4.7 in SL; a fleshy protuberance at front of upper lip of males, third dorsal spine of males elongate, about 1.4 in head length; body yellow dorsally, pink ventrally, with irregular yellow stripes on side; a broad orange band at and below base ofsoft portion of dorsal fin, bordered ventrally by pale blue; dorsal fin yellow with some small pink spots; anal fin greenish yellow with a magenta reticulum

Depth range
37- 61 m

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