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Organically enriched sediments and foraminiferal species from the Açu Reef, indicators of upwelling in NE Brazil? | article
Eichler PPB, Silva LLDN, Andrade AUd, Martins JFdO, Farias CLCd, Moura DS, Amorim A, Marinho L, Vital H, Gomes MP (2019)
Marine Geology 417:106016

Artisanal fishing impact on deep coralligenous animal forests: A Mediterranean case study of marine vulnerability | article
Enrichetti F, Bava S, Bavestrello G, Betti F, Lanteri L, Bo M (2019)
Ocean & Coastal Management 177:112-126

Depth-dependent temperature variability in the Southern California bight with implications for the cold-water gorgonian octocoral Adelogorgia phyll... | article
Gugliotti EF, DeLorenzo ME, Etnoyer PJ (2019)
J Exp Mar Bio Ecol 514-515:118-126

Seasonal variation of the stable C and N isotopic composition of the mesophotic black coral Antipathella subpinnata (Ellis & Solander, 1786) | article
Coppari M, Ferrier-Pagès C, Castellano M, Massa F, Olivari E, Bavestrello G, Povero P, Bo M (2020)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 233:106520

Soft corals assemblages in deep environments of the Menorca Channel (Western Mediterranean Sea) | article
Grinyó J, Garriga A, Soler-Membrives A, Santín A, Ambroso S, López-González PJ, Díaz D (2020)
Progr Oceanogr 188:102435

Remotely operated vehicles as alternatives to snorkellers for video-based marine research | article
Raoult V, Tosetto L, Harvey C, Nelson TM, Reed J, Parikh A, Chan AJ, Smith TM, Williamson JE (2020)
J Exp Mar Bio Ecol 522:151253

Characteristics and implications of spongivory in the Knifejaw Oplegnathus woodwardi (Waite) in temperate mesophotic waters | article
Maschette D, Fromont J, Platell ME, Coulson PG, Tweedley JR, Potter IC (2020)
Journal of Sea Research 157:101847

Zooplankton community associated with mesophotic coral reefs in the Colombian Caribbean Sea | article
Criales-Hernández MI, Jerez-Guerrero M, Rodríguez-Rubio E, Benavides-Serrato M (2021)
Regional Studies in Marine Science 45:101843

Deep Heat: A Comparison of Water Temperature, Anemone Bleaching, Anemonefish Density and Reproduction between Shallow and Mesophotic Reefs | article
Haguenauer A, Zuberer F, Siu G, Cortese D, Beldade R, Mills SC (2021)
Fishes 6:37

Flow structures over mesophotic coral ecosystems in the eastern Gulf of Mexico | article
Valle-Levinson A, Kourafalou VH, Smith RH, Androulidakis Y (2020)
Cont Shelf Res 207:104219

Water column and bottom gradients on the continental shelf eastward of the Amazon River mouth and implications for mesophotic reef occurrence | article
Asp NE, Gomes JD, Gomes VJ, Omachi CY, Silva AM, Siegle E, Serrao PF, Thompson CC, Nogueira LC, Francini-Filho RB, de Rezende CE, Thompson FL, de Mahiques MM (2022)
Journal of Marine Systems 225:103642

The lower Rupelian cluster reefs of Majella platform, the shallow water record of Eocene to Oligocene transition | article
Brandano M, Tomassetti L, Cornacchia I (2019)
Sediment Geol 380:21-30

Internal waves as controlling factor in the development of stromatoporoid-rich facies of the Apulia Platform margin (Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceou... | article
Harchegani FK, Morsilli M (2019)
Sediment Geol 380:1-20

Cross-scale connectivity of macrobenthic communities in a patchy network of habitats: The Mesophotic Biogenic Habitats of the Northern Adriatic Sea | article
Bandelj V, Solidoro C, Laurent C, Querin S, Kaleb S, Gianni F, Falace A (2020)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 245:106978

An Early Cretaceous mesophotic coral ecosystem built by platy corals (middle Aptian, Southern Carpathians, Romania) | article
Kołodziej B and Bucur II (2020)
Cretaceous Research 109:104374

Drivers of biodiversity associated with rhodolith beds from euphotic and mesophotic zones: Insights for management and conservation | article
Veras PDC, Pierozzi-Jr I, Lino JB, Amado-Filho GM, Senna ARD, Santos CSG, Moura RLD, Passos FD, Giglio VJ, Pereira-Filho GH (2020)
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation 18:37-43

Rhodolith mobility potential from seasonal and extreme waves | article
Lavenère-Wanderley AA, Asp NE, Thompson FL, Siegle E (2021)
Cont Shelf Res 228:104527

Benthic community zonation from mesophotic to deep sea: Description of first deep-water kelp forest and coral gardens in the Madeira archipelago (c... | article
Braga-Henriques A, Buhl-Mortensen P, Tokat E, Martins A, Silva T, Jakobsen J, Canning-Clode J, Jakobsen K, Delgado J, Voirand T, Biscoito M (2022)
Front Mar Sci

Novel mesophotic kelp forests in the Galápagos archipelago | article
Buglass S, Kawai H, Hanyuda T, Harvey E, Donner S, De la Rosa J, Keith I, Bermúdez JR, Altamirano M (2022)
Mar Biol 169:156

Vulnerability of Temperate Mesophotic Ecosystems (TMEs) to environmental impacts: Rapid ecosystem changes at Lough Hyne Marine Nature Reserve, Ireland | article
Micaroni V, McAllen R, Turner J, Strano F, Morrow C, Picton B, Harman L, Bell JJ (2021)
Science of The Total Environment 789:147708

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