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Morphological and molecular description of a new genus and species of black coral (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Hexacorallia: Antipatharia: Antipathidae: Bl... | article
Horowitz J, Brugler MR, Bridge TCL, Cowman PF (2020)
Zootaxa 4821:553–569

Morphological and molecular characterization of a new species of black coral from Elvers Bank, north-western Gulf of Mexico (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: He... | article
Opresko DM, Goldman SL, Johnson R, Parra K, Nuttall M, Schmahl GP, Brugler MR (2020)
J Mar Biol Assoc UK 100:559-566

A new genus and two new species of Caprellidae (Crustacea: Amphipoda) from mesophotic and deep-sea waters of Australia | article
Guerra-García JM, Ahyong ST (2020)
Records of the Australian Museum 72:45-62

Biodiversity of Hawaiian Peyssonneliales (Rhodophyta): Sonderophycus copusii sp. nov., a new species from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands | article
Sherwood AR, Paiano MO, Spalding HL, Kosaki RK (2020)
Algae 35:145-155

Two new species of Plectranthias (Teleostei, Serranidae, Anthiadinae) from mesophotic coral ecosystems in the tropical Central Pacific | article
Shepherd B, Phelps TAY, Pinheiro HT, Rocha CR, Rocha LA (2020)
Zookeys 941:145-161

A new Distichopora species (Cnidaria: Stylasteridae) from the mesophotic zone of Palau | article
Cairns SD, Pica D (2019)
Pac Sci 73:493-499

Prognathodes geminus, a new species of butterflyfish (Teleostei, Chaetodontidae) from Palau | article
Copus JM, Pyle RL, Greene BD, Randall JE (2019)
Zookeys 835:125-137

Characterization of Martensia (Delesseriaceae; Rhodophyta) from shallow and mesophotic habitats in the Hawaiian Islands: description of four new sp... | article
Sherwood AR, Lin S-M, Wade RM, Spalding HL, Smith CM, Kosaki RK (2019)
European Journal of phycology 55:172-185

A new species of Characella Sollas, 1886 (Tetractinellida; Demospongiae; Porifera) from deeper waters off the coast of Brazil | article
Dias A, Santos GG, Pinheiro U (2019)
Zootaxa 4559:196-200

Psilotris vantasselli, a new species of goby from the tropical western Atlantic (Teleostei: Gobiidae: Gobiosomatini: Nes subgroup) | article
Tornabene L, Baldwin CC (2019)
Zootaxa 4624:191–204

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