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Deep reef ecosystems of the Western Indian Ocean: addressing the great unknown | article
Stefanoudis PV, Talma S, Samimi-Namin K, Woodall LC (2020)
Research Ideas and Outcomes 6:e53913

Prionospio atrovitta (Annelida: Spionidae), a new species from Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, northern Indian Ocean | article
Gopal A, Parameswaran UV, Abdul Jaleel KU, Saravanane N (2020)
Mar Biol Res 16:134-140

Complete mitochondrial genome of Carijoa riisei (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1860) (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea: Stolonifera: Clavulariidae) | article
Easton EE, Hicks D (2020)
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 5:1826–1827

Chronicles of deep reef flowers: A phylogenetic monograph of the Family Kallymeniaceae (Rhodophyta) associated with the mesophotic coral ecosystems... | thesis
Cabrera FCP (2020)

A new species of Chromis damselfish from the tropical western Atlantic (Teleostei, Pomacentridae) | article
McFarland EP, Baldwin CC, Robertson DR, Rocha LA, Tornabene L (2020)
Zookeys 1008:107-138

Sharing and Distinction in Biodiversity and Ecological Role of Bryozoans in Mediterranean Mesophotic Bioconstructions | article
Giampaoletti J, Cardone F, Corriero G, Gravina MF, Nicoletti L (2020)
Front Mar Sci 7:1040

Bryozoans from Chella Bank (Seco de los Olivos), with the description of a new species and some new records for the Mediterranean Sea | article
Ramalho LV, Caballero-Herrera JA, Urra, J, Rueda JL (2020)
Mar Biodiv 50:106

Haraldiophyllum hawaiiense sp. nov. (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta): a new mesophotic genus record for the Hawaiian Islands | article
Paiano MO, Huisman JM, Cabrera FP, Spalding HL, Kosaki RK, Sherwood AR (2020)
Algae 35:337-347

A new species of the hermit crab genus Cancellus H. Milne Edwards, 1836 from a mesophotic deep bank in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico (Crustacea: ... | article
Felder DL, Lemaitre R (2020)
Zootaxa 4890:589-598

Mesophotic ecosystems at Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, Brazil (South-western Atlantic), reveal unique ichthyofauna and need for conservation | article
Pimentel CR, Rocha LA, Shepherd B, Phelps TAY, Joyeux JC, Martins AS, Stein CE, Teixeira JB, Gasparini JL, Reis-Filho JA, Garla RC, Francini-Filho RB, Delfino SDT, Mello TJ, Giarrizzo T, Pinheiro HT (2020)
Neotrop Ichthyol 18:e200050

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