Molecular ecology

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Selection of mesophotic habitats by Oculina patagonica in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea following global warming | article
Martinez S, Bellworthy J, Ferrier-Pagès C, Mass T (2021)
Sci Rep 11:18134

Strong horizontal and vertical connectivity in the coral Pocillopora verrucosa from Ludao, Taiwan, a small oceanic island | article
De Palmas S, Soto D, Ho M-J, Denis V, Chen CA (2021)
PLoS ONE 16:e0258181

A molecular census of early-life stage scleractinian corals in shallow and mesophotic zones | article
Soto D, De Palmas S, Ho M-J, Denis V, Chen CA (2021)
Ecol Evol 11:14573–14584

Population genomic structure of the black coral Antipathella subpinnata in Mediterranean vulnerable marine ecosystems | article
Terzin M, Paletta MG, Matterson K, Coppari M, Bavestrello G, Abbiati M, Bo M, Costantini F, Costantini F (2021)
Coral Reefs 40:751–766

Photosynthesis and bio-optical properties of fluorescent mesophotic corals | article
Ben-Zvi O, Wangpraseurt D, Bronstein O, Eyal G, Loya Y (2021)
Front Mar Sci

Gulf of Mexico blue hole harbors high levels of novel microbial lineages | article
Patin NV, Dietrich ZA, Stancil A, Quinan M, Beckler JS, Hall ER, Culter J, Smith CG, Taillefert M, Stewart FJ (2021)

Symbiotic associations of the deepest recorded photosynthetic scleractinian coral (172 m depth) | article
Rouzé H, Galand PE, Medina M, Bongaerts P, Pichon M, Pérez-Rosales G, Torda G, Moya A, Under The Pole Consortium, Raina J-B, Hédouin L (2021)

Complete mitochondrial genome of Carijoa riisei (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1860) (Octocorallia: Alcyonacea: Stolonifera: Clavulariidae) | article
Easton EE, Hicks D (2020)
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 5:1826–1827

Local Conditions Influence the Prokaryotic Communities Associated With the Mesophotic Black Coral Antipathella subpinnata | article
van de Water JAJM, Coppari M, Enrichetti F, Ferrier-Pagès C, Bo M (2020)
Front Microbiol 11:537813

Deep-sea corals provide new insight into the ecology, evolution, and the role of plastids in widespread apicomplexan symbionts of anthozoans | article
Vohsen SA, Anderson KE, Gade AM, Gruber-Vodicka HR, Dannenberg RP, Osman EO, Dubilier N, Fisher CR, Baums IB (2020)
Microbiome 8:1-5

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