Porifera (Sponges)

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Reef Morphology and Invertebrate Distribution at Continental Shelf Edge Reefs in the South Atlantic Bight | article
Fraser SB, Sedberry GR (2008)
Southeas Nat 7:191-206
Biological and physical characteristics of a mesophotic coral reef: Black Jack reef, Vieques, Puerto Rico | article
Rivero-Calle S, Armstrong RA, Soto-Santiago FJ (2008)
Proc 11th Int Coral Reef Symp Session number: 16:567-571
Richness and distribution of sponge megabenthos in continental margin canyons off southeastern Australia | article
Schlacher TA, Schlacher-Hoenlinger MA, Williams A, Althaus F, Hooper JNA, Kloser R (2007)
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 340:73-88

Deep zooxanthellate coral reefs of the Puerto Rico: US Virgin Islands insular platform | article
Armstrong RA (2007)
Coral Reefs 26:945

Sponges (Porifera, Demospongiae) of the continental shelf off the coast of Amapá State, Brazil | article
Mothes B, de Campos MA, Lerner CB, da Silva CMM (2006)
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia 23:667-677

Characterizing the deep insular shelf coral reef habitat of the Hind Bank marine conservation district (US Virgin Islands) using the Seabed autonom... | article
Armstrong RA, Singh H, Torres J, Nemeth RS, Can A, Roman C, Eustice R, Riggs L, Garcia-Moliner G (2006)
Cont Shelf Res 26:194-205

Sponge reefs in the Queen Charlotte Basin, Canada: controls on distribution, growth and development | chapter
Conway KW, Krautter M, Barrie JV, Whitney F, Thomson RE, Reiswig H, Lehnert H, Mungov G, Bertram M (2005)
in: Cold-Water Corals and Ecosystems (Springer-Verlag) by Freiwald A, Roberts JM
Zonation patterns of benthic communities in an upwelling area from the western Mediterranean (La Herradura, Alboran Sea) | article
Cebrián E, Ballesteros E (2004)
Scientia Marina 68:69-84
Submerged coral reefs in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia | article
Harris PT, Heap AD, Wassenberg T, Passlow V (2004)
Mar Geol 207:185-191

Distribution and ecology of Demospongiae from the circalittoral of the islands of the Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean) | article
Kefalas E, Tsirtsis G, Castritsi-Catharios J (2003)
Hydrobiologia 499:125-34

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