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Mesophotic benthic communities associated with a submerged palaeoshoreline in Western Australia | article
Wakeford M, Puotinen M, Nicholas W, Colquhoun J, Vaughan BI, Whalan S, Parnum I, Radford B, Case M, Galaiduk R, Miller KJ (2023)
PLoS ONE 18:e0289805

Cross-depth connectivity shows that deep kelps may act as refugia by reseeding climate-vulnerable shallow beds | article
Giraldo-Ospina A, Ruiz-Montoya L, Kendrick GA, Hovey RK (2023)
Ecosphere 14:e4471

Recreational fishing impacts in an offshore and deep-water marine park: examining patterns in fished species using hybrid frequentist model selecti... | article
Aston C, Langlois T, Fisher R, Monk J, Gibbons B, Giraldo-Ospina A, Lawrence E, Keesing J, Lebrec U, Babcock RC (2022)
Front Mar Sci 9:835096

Regional patterns in demersal fish assemblages among subsea pipelines and natural habitats across north-west Australia | article
Galaiduk R, Radford B, Case M, Bond T, Taylor M, Cooper T, Smith L, McLean D (2022)
Front Mar Sci 9:979987

Habitat value of subsea wells and pipelines for fishery target species in Australia | article
McLean D, Speed CW, Birt MJ, Colquhoun J, Case M, Stowar M, Bond T, Ierodiaconou D, Whitmarsh SK, Taylor MD, Wines S (2022)
Front Mar Sci 9:960496

The Habitat Persistence Hypothesis: a new perspective on the distribution of coral-reef organisms | article
Copus JM, Pyle RL, Bowen BW, Kosaki RK, Webster JM (2022)
Front. Biogeogr. 14:e57427

Dietary characteristics of the ecologically-important fish species Centroberyx gerrardi, including discussion of resource partitioning among specie... | article
Platell ME, Maschette D, Coulson PG, Tweedley JR, Potter IC (2022)
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 275:107975

Reproductive output, synchrony across depth and influence of source depth in the development of early life stages of kelp | article
Giraldo-Ospina A, Kendrick GA, Hovey RK (2021)
J Phycol 57:311-323

Drill cuttings and drilling fluids (muds) transport, fate and effects near a coral reef mesophotic zone | article
Jones R, Wakeford M, Currey-Randall L, Miller K, Tonin H (2021)
Mar Pollut Bull 172:112717

Mesophotic fish communities of the ancient coastline in Western Australia | article
Currey-Randall LM, Galaiduk R, Stowar M, Vaughan BI, Miller KJ (2021)
PLoS ONE 16:e0250427

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