Braulio Santos

Braulio Santos

Departamento de Sistemática e Ecologia

Cidade Universitária, Castelo Branco

Research interests

I am interested in applying basic concepts of ecology and evolution to the conservation, management and restoration of marine and terrestrial tropical ecosystems


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

Limited potential of deep reefs to serve as refuges for tropical Southwestern Atlantic corals | article
Morais J, Santos BA (2018)
Ecosphere 9:e02281

Why do mesophotic coral ecosystems have to be protected? | article
Soares MO, Araújo JT, Ferreira SMC, Santos BA, Boavida JRH, Costantini F, Costantini F, Rossi S (2020)
Science of The Total Environment

Deep reefs are not refugium for shallow‐water fish communities in the southwestern Atlantic | article
Medeiros APM, Ferreira BP, Alvarado F, Betancur‐R R, Soares MO, Santos BA. (2021)
Ecol Evol 11:4413-4427

Prevalence and extent of coral diseases in shallow and mesophotic reefs of the Southwestern Atlantic | article
Morais J, Santos BA (2022)
Coral Reefs 41:1317–1322

Research keywords
Research platform experience
  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  Sonar / Multibeam
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